Your Guide to Electric Infrared Patio Heaters

Fall is practically here and most places in the country are starting to feel the chill. Here at AEI, we specialize in top-quality grills and heaters to make your outdoor living experience truly great all year long. While we are best known for our natural gas and propane-powered grills and heaters, we are proud to have recently partnered with Infratech, one of the world's finest manufacturers of electric, residential infrared heaters.

Infratech is unique in that they design and construct powerful, safe, and durable infrared heaters that work well outdoors, and that are likely to perform admirably for many years. Perhaps the best thing about these extraordinary heating appliances is they are not only highly durable and perform extraordinarily well, but they are also designed for ease of maintenance.

Infrared Heaters Made in USA : How it Works

Infrared heating technology has been on the market for quite some time, but Infratech has perfected its use for residential and commercial patio heaters. Understandably, people have questions about it, and we're here to help.

Interestingly, infrared heat has been with us since before the dawn of time in the form of our planet's Sun. The Sun emits a wide range of electromagnetic energy including infrared rays. Infrared rays are part of the spectrum of natural light. The infrared bandwidth is entirely friendly to our health and biology. It is the form of sunlight that creates the strong but gentle warmth you feel when sunlight touches your face. Infrared heaters can generate a similar experience.

The Advantages of an Outdoor Electric Patio Heater

There are many reasons why an electric infrared heater is an excellent addition to your existing heating appliances.

Rapid Heating

The warming effects of infrared heating are nearly instant. This is since the warming rays these devices generate travel at the speed of light, literally. That means you will begin feeling the warmth within seconds after you switch it on. It can be a very reassuring feeling when you're coming in from the cold and want to warm up as quickly as possible.

Silent Heating

Heaters powered by more conventional power sources rely on combustion to activate the emitter and generate invisible, warming rays. Ordinarily, this is not a problem, and can even be a pleasant white noise. However, there is something to be said for the silent operation of electric infrared heaters. If you wish to have a quiet evening gazing at the stars, want to get some work done, or are having a pleasant conversation, the total absence of noise from Infratech heaters can be a real pleasure.

Natural Warmth

As mentioned, infrared light is completely natural and safe. It is part of the spectrum of natural light that the Sun so lovingly lavishes on our planet each day. There is no need to be concerned about harmful UV rays since this heating technology does not generate that form of light. What's more, the heating capacity of infrared light is good for your health. It promotes healthy circulation and respiration- and because there is no combustion, there will be zero pollutants to breathe in. For this reason, infrared heaters are recommended for use in hospitals and by those with health and respiratory problems.

Save Money

Conventional heaters use as much as 40 Watts of power to treat indoor air. The average electric infrared heater draws just 25 Watts per cubic meter. Infratech heaters only heat the area where they are installed, and because the heating is instant, you can turn it off when you leave the area to save even more electricity. When you reenter the area, simply switch it back on and resume enjoying comforting warmth.

Additional Facts About Residential Infrared Heaters

We get a lot of questions about these innovative heating appliances, and for good reason. Many people are unfamiliar with the technology and are intrigued by its unique advantages. Here are a few points our customers frequently ask about.

All Patio Heaters Produce Infrared Heat

Whether they are powered by propane, natural gas, or electricity, all infrared heaters deliver the same form of heat. Each has its place in heating outdoor spaces, but electric is especially well suited in locations where propane and natural gas are unavailable, and they are the easiest to use.

Infratech Electric Patio Heaters Rely on Electricity

Infratech specializes in heaters that use electricity to heat an infrared emitter element, which then produces warming infrared rays. They are designed for power, efficiency, and especially for ease of use. Once installed on your patio, you will enjoy a measurable return on your investment in the form of added curb appeal and resale value.

Professional Installation is Required

These outdoor heaters are powerful appliances that must be installed by a professional contractor or electrician. These heaters must be wired directly into the electrical system of the house or building where they are used. Many people are familiar with portable electric heaters that plug into an outlet. Those are far less safe, less powerful, and less efficient than Infratech heaters which are optimized for safety and performance. Infratech electric heaters CANNOT be plugged into an ordinary wall outlet.

Infratech Electric Heaters are Clean and Efficient

Electricity, like natural gas and propane, is a cost-efficient, eco-friendly fuel source for patio heaters. As discussed above, infrared heaters are far more efficient than convection heaters and less expensive to operate. They produce zero chemical emissions and are 100% safe and environmentally sound.

Suitable for any Exterior Decor

Our Infratech heaters come in a variety of finishes, so you can easily match yours to your decor. Infratech's innovative design makes their heaters able to be mounted flush in a wall or overhead structure. Where necessary, they can be affixed to a free-standing wall or secure post. They also come in a variety of sizes with both single and dual heating element models. This gives you plenty of control over how much heat your unit will generate. Infratech heaters can be mounted or suspended in the wall or from an outdoor ceiling/structure.

Infratech Heaters Offer Multiple Mounting Options

They are most often mounted on the eves of a building or a permanent outdoor structure and angled downward. Some can be mounted so that they are flush with the wall or ceiling, for a sleek, low-profile appearance. These mounting options ensure the device is never in the way. These commercial and residential heaters are designed specifically to be mounted permanently in an out-of-the-way location. This makes them first in their class in terms of safety, a fact that makes us especially proud to work with Infratech.

Superior Electric Infrared Heater Control Options

Ways to “control” your Infratech heaters range from simple on/off switches, to a dial with variable temp control, to more advanced input heat regulators. Your options also include smart home management systems, solid-state control packages, and universal control panels. Apps are available that allow you to control your Infratech heaters remotely, customize settings, delivering a warm and cozy environment when you need it.