Want To Attract Renters to Your Multiplex? Install a Commercial-Grade Gas Grill!

There are single-family homes, and there are apartment complexes, and then there are multiplexes. These multi-family dwellings contain between two and four units, and they combine the flexibility and convenience of renting with a homier feel than a large apartment building. Some owners like the option to live in one of the units inside these duplexes, triplexes or quadruplexes, as it is easy to maintain and create the best property amenities for all residents living there.

How Can I Make My Multiplex Stand Out?

Renters are attracted to multiplexes because they can feel more like a home than the large multistory apartment units. Multiplex renters look for inviting outdoor spaces, and few things are more enticing in a back yard than a patio or similar space where residents can grill.

An outdoor cooking area is only as good as its grill. The ideal grill is a gas grill that can easily serve up burgers for a couple but can also grill, roast and smoke a variety of goodies for a larger gathering. The unit must be sturdy and reliable. Additionally, it must be safe and conserve energy. If a backyard chef wanders away and forgets to turn off the gas, the grill ought to be able to shut itself off.

The right gas grill will provide hour after hour of enjoyment for the residents, and you as the landlord can sleep comfortably knowing that your grill won’t be seeping gas when no one is around. A grill like this looks enticing in your rental advertising, and you can be confident about offering it as an amenity.

Upgrade a Multiplex with a Natural Gas Grill or Propane Grill

Imagine showing your property and pointing out a gleaming new PGS T-Series commercial grill on the patio. It’s clear at a glance that this is no ordinary cooking machine. Already your potential renter will be envisioning the succulent burgers, steaks and chops they’ll be serving up. It’s easier to close the deal when the renter can see themselves commandeering this versatile backyard cookery.

The T-Series grill is commercial grade. It’s tough, durable and ready to stand up to years of use by a succession of barbecue-loving renters. To top it off, every T-Series grill comes standard with the PGS FuelStop 60 minute timer: the gas flow automatically shuts off if it’s left unattended for 60 minutes. There are no worries about needlessly running up natural gas bills or unexpectedly exhausting propane tanks.

A high-quality commercial-grade gas grill is more than an amenity. It’s an advertisement for your multiplex. It’s that extra enticement that will distinguish your duplex, triplex or quadruplex from other units on the market.

The AEI PGS T-Series Grills

For a grill that will attract tenants and last for years, you can’t do better than the AEI PGS T-Series grills. The T-Series are commercial grills. Why a commercial grill for a multiplex? The answer: straightforward design, safety features and durable construction that will stand up to the rigors of daily use. There’s also flexibility. One night a renter might be grilling just a couple of brats, and the next evening someone may be preparing a slow-roast feast. These grills are simple enough for the novice barbecuer and capable enough for a sophisticated backyard chef.

These hardy commercial grills come in cast aluminum and stainless steel models. All T-Series grills are available in portable propane gas models as well as in natural gas versions that hook directly into your building’s existing gas lines.

T-Series Cast Aluminum Grills

Our cast aluminum grills come in two available sizes. They have stainless steel cooking grids and a continuous spark electronic ignition system, and they carry a one-year parts replacement warranty.

  • The T30 grill are smaller in size but not in performance. They produce 30,000 BTU of grilling power on a 330 square inch surface.
  • The T40 grill ramps up the performance with dual burners cranking out 40,000 BTU over 434 square inches.

T-Series Stainless Steel Grills

Our stainless steel grilling powerhouses come in three models that can handle any cookery task your tenants might throw at them. They’re built to last and carry an industry-leading five-year replacement parts warranty. The 304 stainless steel FlipGrates make cleanup and maintenance easy.

  • The S27T features two burners that deliver 45,000 BTU over a 540 square inch cooking surface.
  • The S36T spreads 67,000 BTU over 720 square inches.
  • The S48T is the giant of our stainless steel line. It can handle it all with 96,000 BTU and a surface of 960 square inches.

FuelStop 60 Minute Shutoff Timer

It seems like every multiplex has at least one resident who’s a little bit forgetful. This is the person who finishes their outdoor dinner and wanders back into their unit without remembering to shut off the gas. With many grills, this is a situation that not only wastes gas but also presents a serious safety hazard.

That’s not a problem with PGS T-Series grills. The FuelStop 60-minute timer automatically shuts off the gas even if nobody at the table remembers to. You’ll never have to worry about a grill being left on for hours and continuing to seep gas that no one knows about.

A Choice of Mounting Options

Depending on your grill and your type of gas, there are several convenient and attractive methods for mounting your T-Series grill.

  • Grills that run on liquid propane can be mounted on a portable base that can be rolled anywhere you want.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel pedestal grill mounts are an elegant solution that minimizes the footprint.
  • A grill cart surrounds your grill in a convenient and attractive enclosure.
  • A grill island designed specifically for your T-Series model provides enough additional storage space to turn your grill into an outdoor kitchen.
  • Finally, a T-Series can be directly mounted into a custom-built outdoor countertop that makes it a permanent part of your patio.

An Amenity That Makes Potential Renters Take Notice

When renters are deciding which of the available units they’re going to sign a lease for, they picture what life will be like in their new rental property. A PGS T-Series commercial grill might be just that little extra that prods them to choose your multiplex over other options. Once they’re settled in and enjoying the grill, they’re more likely to continue renting, and they may also spread the word about the enjoyable common area that makes life at your building a pleasure.

When you do install a grill in your common area, you want a high-quality grill that you can put in place and not spend time worrying about. It won’t do to have a lesser grill that needs replacing every year or two. On the other hand, a PGS T-Series natural gas or liquid propane grill requires little attention and is durable enough to delight your renters with mouth-watering meals day after day and year after year.

You can also be confident that you’re providing your building and your tenants with a safe product. With the T-Series standard 60 minute shutoff timer, you can rest assured that your gas line is shut off whether the last person to use the grill remembered or not.