Valet Waiting Areas With Installed Heaters Are Cooking The Competition

Outdoor Infrared Heaters in Valet Areas Make Great First and Lasting Impression

The difference between a 5-star hotel rating and harsh social media reviews comes down to the fine details that make a guest’s stay satisfactory. That’s why hotels would be wise to install outdoor infrared heaters in their valet waiting areas. The alternative is your customers’ first and last impression being standing in a valet waiting area in the cold. The same reasoning holds true for private clubs, restaurants and shopping centers among others.

Outdoor heaters are customer care game-changers worth any business’s investment. They improve the quality of your patrons’ experience and promote repeat business. The use of space heaters in valet areas can make a huge competitive difference. That being said, these are types of outdoor infrared heaters that can be strategically installed to serve your needs.

Outdoor Infrared Heaters Work with Natural Gas, Propan  e

It’s not uncommon for valet areas to be open or only semi-enclosed. That means generating heat presents a challenge when the wind gusts. In such spaces, comfortable temperatures can be almost impossible to maintain. Space heaters that blow warm air are inefficient because drafts whisk it away.

That’s why many highly rated hotels, restaurants, and private clubs install units that produce infrared heat. These products do not necessarily focus on warming the environment. They supply comfort to people within their radius. AEI's Sunpak heaters allow organizations to install fixed, overhead units that warm people standing or sitting underneath them. These gas or propane powered infrared heaters work seamlessly with power sources already in place.

Outdoor Electric Heaters Make Installation Simple

infrared heaters

Businesses that enjoy greater space flexibility or are equipped with natural gas may prefer to go a different route to achieve the same goal. Just like the product mentioned above, AEI's Infratech heaters can also be fixed overhead in valet areas.

Although these are powered by electricity, they enjoy the same A-rated accessories such as wall-mounted timers and heat settings. Valet workers and managers can also take advantage of remote control abilities to monitor radiant heat.

Press a button and your customers are warm and just turn it off while the area is unoccupied. One of the impressive aspects of the Infratech's remote is that guests feel like they are getting the VIP treatment when you fire up the unit just for them.

Ground-Based and Hanging Outdoor Infrared Heaters

Not every valet area has a fixed overhead roof that is structurally sound enough to secure a heater. Many restaurants and private clubs are located in a building that was initially designed for another purpose. There are fantastic hotels that pre-date the advent of the space heater.

While these businesses may not be well suited for fixed overhead heaters, there are quality products that can be permanently fixed to the ground or have a portable base.

Again, AEI has emerged as a leader in the outdoor heater industry, and its Sunglo commercial units enjoy the flexibility to do both. This line of natural gas and radiant propane heaters have the mushroom head popular with patio heaters and can be used on a fixed post or hung. This line uses gas that produces radiant infrared heat, making it cost-effective.

One of the things that distinguish the Sunglo from conventional heaters is that they are remarkably stylish. The stainless steel finish allows them to blend into existing décor without looking like an afterthought. The hanging units are unexpectedly stylish for a product created for heat comfort. If guests are going to see the radiant heaters, it’s important they are also aesthetically pleasing. After all, the goal is improved customer experience.

Outdoor Infrared Heaters and Accessories

Today’s technologically advanced infrared heaters can be equipped with accessories that make them highly cost-effective and efficient. Remote controls, timers, heat regulators and a variety of other options can be tailored to best provide quality comfort for any outfit’s customers.

It’s important to consider your space, energy source, safety shut-offs, and normal usage when deciding on the best options to impress your guests. But at the end of the day, a warm and cozy valet area makes a great first and lasting impression.