Upgrade Your Barbecue Game with the Best Stainless Steel Grills

Is your grill ready for the outdoor BBQ season? Whether you’re a condo developer, apartment manager, or just an individual backyard grilling aficionado, it’s worth your while to have a cooking machine you can count on day in and day out.

The Problems with Cheap Grills

You can run down to your local big box home supply store and pick up a grill for $200 or less. However, it might not serve you as well as you’d like. You’ll possibly find that the heat is uneven or unreliable. The surface and interior of the grill may rust or mar after only a few uses. The grill surface may quickly begin to look worn. You’re unlikely to be satisfied with that “bargain” grill over the long run.

And if a burner or some other part fails, then what can you do? Most inexpensive grills have little in the way of a warranty. There’s a good chance you won’t be able to find a replacement part. It will probably be easiest just to throw it out and buy a new one. If you buy another low-end grill, you may have the same problems all over again. You might find yourself frequently digging into your wallet for grills that just don’t work all that well.

The True Bargain: A High-Quality Stainless Steel Grill

If you’re tired of trying to make a cheap grill do the job, maybe it’s time for a PGS T-Series stainless steel grill from AEI Corporation. You may spend more up front, but you’ll spend it only once. Best of all, you’ll have a powerful, versatile cooker you can rely on, one that works as hard as you do on turning out steaks, burgers and chops that are grilled to perfection every time.

The T-Series outdoor grills are commercial grills, which means they’re ready to stand up and produce in any situation where a patio grill gets a workout. This includes apartments, condominiums, student housing, and multi-family complexes. Don’t forget that a commercial-grade outdoor grill is also an unimpeachable choice for individual homeowners who love to entertain. The backyard BBQ chef will take pride in how good their grill looks and how well it performs.

Whether you’re grilling a steak, roasting a chicken or preparing a delicate dish such as asparagus or lobster, a T-Series grill has the power yet the pinpoint control for every outdoor kitchen task. The heat is always evenly spread and flare-ups are never an issue with these best-in-class stainless steel cooking powerhouses.

Today’s indoor kitchens are filled with gleaming stainless steel appliances. Does your outdoor kitchen islands deserve any less? When you go outside to fire up your stainless steel grill, you’ll be delighted at stepping up to an appliance that looks good and one whose performance measures up to its good looks.

The Stainless Steel T-Series Grills

What’s so special about a PGS T-Series stainless steel grill? Well, let’s start with the durability of the materials. These cooking machines are engineered to stand up to the rigors of ongoing daily use. The design is straightforward: no gimmicky bells and whistles, but only the features that add to the usefulness and safety of the grill. These grills are simple enough that the novice outdoor chef can open the cover and enjoy success from the first barbecued dinner. Yet they’re also flexible enough for veteran grillmasters to show off their culinary skills and produce a multi-course meal for a crowd.

Every feature of the T-Series patio grill is one that makes a difference:

  • 304 stainless steel cooking grates that flip for low maintenance cleaning.
  • Battery-powered electronic ignition.
  • Heat indicator mounted on the side.
  • Anti-theft knobs.
  • Available warming rack.
  • An industry-leading warranty.
  • A complete inventory of parts and a knowledgeable support line.
  • A laser-etched control panel with instructions that will never fade.
  • Available as either liquid propane grills or natural gas grills.

Perhaps the most coveted feature of the T-Series is the one-hour FuelStop gas flow timer. If someone wanders away and forgets to shut off the gas, the grill timer does the job for them. This is an invaluable aid in an apartment or condo where a lot of different people use the grill, and not every one of them always remembers to shut down. With FuelStop, a building manager doesn’t have to worry about wasting gas, running a propane tank dry or, even worse, creating a dangerous gas-leak situation. After an hour of non-use, the gas stops flowing.

There are three models of all stainless steel grills of different sizes:

  • PGS T-Series S27T This is the smallest of the all stainless steel T-Series grills with two burners, but there’s nothing small about the way it performs. It has all the toughness and resiliency of its bigger siblings. It’s a superb choice for the backyard enthusiast who wants the features and durability of a commercial-grade unit. It produces 45,000 BTU over 540 square inches of cooking surface, so it’s capable of churning out an impressive meal cooked to perfection.
  • PGS T-Series S36T For even more cooking capacity, step up to the three-burner S36T patio grill. Now there’s room for another steak of two or maybe some bratwurst on the side. 67,000 BTU keep a 720 square inch surface evenly heated and ready to do justice to whatever feast you choose to prepare.
  • PGS T-Series S48T This is the ultimate T-Series all stainless steel patio grill with a whopping 90,000 BTU heating 960 square inches of grilling surface. If you need to feed a crowd, this is the unit that’s up to the job. Like most of our grills it comes with several optional grill accessories like generous side shelves and drawers.

Another flexibility aspect of these grills is the assortment of mounting options. You can mount your T-Series grill on a pedestal base. The liquid propane models can roll across your patio on a cart that’s specifically built to transform the grill into a portable kitchen. If you choose, you can build your T-Series grill directly into your own custom-made masonry enclosure.

The Satisfaction of Owning a T-Series Stainless Steel Grill

What’s your grilling pleasure? Is it the unequaled outdoor pleasure of the perfectly turned steak or chop? Is it the juicy succulence of your favorite fish or the exquisite light char of grilled shrimp? Is it a surprising grilled vegetable or even a fruit? Are you cooking for a few friends or delivering a continuous flow of burgers and other grilled goodies on a commercial patio?

PGS grills from AEI Corporation are busily at work in resorts, B&Bs, sailing clubs, golf clubs, apartments and condominiums all over the world, and they’re also the pride of the patio in numerous residential backyards. We have more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing grills that are easy to operate yet functionally advanced. They’re safe, powerful and capable of cooking outdoor meals of any size and variety.

Thousands of customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with T-Series stainless steel grills, and we’re confident you will be, too. Before you buy another cheap grill that’s going to wind up in a landfill, check out the PGS stainless steel offerings. Step up to the grill you’ve always wanted, one that will give you years of outstanding cooking enjoyment.