Tips To Use Your Patio Heaters More Effectively

Adding a comfortable and inviting outdoor living and entertaining space is a great option for a homeowner, apartment community manager, or even a business owner. While an outdoor space can be a great spot to relax and entertain, those that live in certain climates may find that they are limited in how much they are able to use it throughout the year due to cold weather. Fortunately, through the use of an outdoor patio heating system, anyone can make their outdoor space comfortable all year long. There are several tips that all people should follow to ensure they are using their heaters as effectively as possible.

Get a High-Quality Heater

One of the most important things to do when you are shopping for a heater is to get one that is of high quality. When you get one that is built well and by a reputable manufacturer, it is far more likely that it will last for a long time with limited repair needs. The durable materials, safety switches, and other features also make them much safer to use. To ensure that you get the best heater possible for your outdoor space, you should get one that was made in the USA with high-quality parts and materials. Look for safety features like safety pilot systems, direct spark ignition, auto re-light, auto shut-off switches, and similar. You should also make sure that you are provided with detailed owners and user manual that can give you maintenance tips and safety instructions.

Placement Considerations

When you are going to get a patio heater, another important factor to consider is the placement location. You will want your patio heater to be able to keep as many people comfortable at once as possible. For those that have a patio area with multiple seating locations, you may want to get a heater that can be easily moved around. In these situations, you may want to consider portable LP heaters as they can be easily moved from one spot to the next depending on where you and your guests are seated. Additionally, an outdoor portable heater can also be easily stored in a garage or shed when it is not in use.

While portability is an ideal option for some people, getting a patio heater, others may want to get something that can be permanently placed. When you have an outdoor space that has been well-designed and you do not intend to move around the furniture in the future, getting an overhead natural gas heater would be a better option. One of the main benefits of these types of heaters is that they can provide you with a lot of comforts and can also be connected directly to your property's natural gas line, which adds a lot of conveniences.

Heater Energy Source

There are a variety of types of energy sources that you can consider to power your infrared outdoor patio heating system and it is important to consider the advantages of each. If you are going to get a portable heater, you’re going to have to use a liquid propane heater. For heaters mounted in place, your two options are natural gas heaters or electric heaters

All three fuel sources are eco-friendly and cost-efficient. The deciding factors for which heater will work best for you are your location, patio set-up, needed capacity, and personal preference. 

Get One with the Right Control Panel

Another factor to consider is the control system that you have for your heater. There are wide ranges of control panels, which range from those with very simple controls to those that are far more complex. For most people with smaller space designs, getting a more simple control panel is normally sufficient and easier to manage. These will usually have just a few different controls including an on/off switch, a duplex switch, or a heat temperature regulator dial.

For those that have a larger property that they want to heat, or simply want as much control as possible, there are more complex control panels available. Some of these can provide you with the ability to control multiple heaters at once through a universal control panel and enjoy features including automatic shutoff and turn on features, timers, and other features that can provide more control. You can also connect your heater to your smart home control system, which will allow you to control your heater through a mobile device.