The Top Outdoor Patio Appliances: Grills and Heaters

When it comes to making outdoor spaces like patios better for people living in apartments or for guests at restaurants and hotels, two things really stand out: grills and heaters. These aren’t just any outdoor tools; they’re the kings of the patio! They make places look great and let us use them all year round. In this guide, we’ll show you why grills and heaters are must-haves for outdoor areas, especially for businesses and apartment living.

Understanding Patio Appliances

Patio appliances are special because they’re made to last outside. Unlike the stuff made to be used indoors, like in the kitchen, outdoor appliances like grills and heaters have to be tough. They face the sun, wind, and rain and still need to work well. We’re going to talk a lot about our T-Series grills and some awesome patio heaters that make hanging out on a patio even better. These aren’t just any appliances; they’re the heroes of outdoor living.

The Essential Duo: Patio Grills and Heaters

Can you imagine an outdoor party without the cozy warmth of a heater or the fun of cooking on a grill? That would be pretty dull, right? Grills and heaters are super important for making any outdoor patio space the place to be. Whether it’s for a bunch of apartments or a cool spot at a restaurant, having a good heater that keeps everyone warm makes all the difference. We’ve got some cool T-Series grills and heaters that are perfect for these spots, making every outdoor moment awesome.

Spotlight on the T-Series Grills

Big and Small Grills for All

Our T-Series grills come in 5 different sizes, which means there's one for every type of outdoor space, big or small. The smaller grills, the T30 and T40, are super tough because they're made out of cast aluminum. This means they can handle a lot of use and won't get rusty or worn out. They're perfect if you have a place with lots of grills or just need one that does a great job without taking up too much space.

Then, there are the bigger grills, the S27T, S36T, and S48T. These are made of stainless steel, which is a really strong material that also fights off rust and looks shiny and new for a long time. These grills are awesome centerpieces, meaning they can be the main attraction of your outdoor area.

Cool Features and Grill Accessories

All of these grills come with some neat features. For example, they have a special grill timer that turns off the gas after 60 minutes, so the grill will turn off automatically if users accidentally leave it running. You can choose a grill that uses either natural gas or propane, which is handy. Plus, all our grills are made with stainless steel parts on the inside, which means they're built to last and keep on grilling tasty food for years.

Infrared Patio Heaters: Stay Warm in Style

Heaters for Every Patio

We also have these cool things called infrared patio heaters. These aren't like regular heaters; they use special technology to make you feel warm without making the air stuffy. It's like how the sun feels on your skin. We have 5 brands of these heaters, and they come in different types like horizontal ones you can hang up or mushroom-shaped heaters that stand on the ground (or can be suspended overhead in some cases).

No Smells, No Smoke

One of the best things about these heaters is that they don’t make any smoke or bad smells. Whether they use electricity, natural gas, or propane, they all burn clean. This means you can stay warm without any annoying smoke getting in the way.

  • Propane Heaters: These portable patio heaters are great because you can move them around. The propane is stored in a tank you can hide underneath so you don't see it. When it runs out, you just swap it for a full one.
  • Natural Gas Heaters: These infrared patio heaters are hooked up to your property's gas line, by a professional. You won't need to change any tanks, but they can't be moved around easily. Once connected, they can be turned on with a flip of a switch, or a twist of a dial.
  • Electric Heaters: These patio heaters are tied to your property’s electric grid, by a professional, they are not “plugged in” to a normal outlet like other appliances. They’re really easy to use and don’t need tanks either, but like natural gas heaters, they can not be moved around.

Why Our Patio Appliances Rock

Our grills and heaters are special because they’re made to meet the needs of places like apartments, restaurants, and hotels. They’re durable, which means they last a long time. They’re reliable, so they work well whenever you need them. And they’re not too expensive to run, which saves money in the long run. Whether you need to grill up some delicious food or keep your outdoor space cozy, we’ve got you covered.

Having the right grill and heater can make your outdoor space the best place to hang out, eat, and just have fun, no matter the time of year. We’ve talked about some pretty cool options today, like our T-Series grills and infrared heaters, which are perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their patio. So, think about making your outdoor space even better with these awesome appliances.