Student Housing Grills and Communal BBQ Areas are the Future of Off-Campus Living

The average cost of a 4-year college degree runs north of $100,000 and students have strong preferences about the types of amenities they receive at housing facilities. Among the hot-trending extras degree candidates are insisting on are student housing grills, and communal BBQ areas.

Given that college campuses typically include fitness rooms, libraries, and student life centers, it makes sense that students would want to relax and prepare meals on a BBQ grill and enjoy some time outside with friends. Property managers overseeing student housing, as well as architects designing future college living spaces, would be well served to integrate a commercial grill into the grounds to enhance the college experience. Student housing commercial grills are likely to be a significant difference-maker when potential residents are viewing dormitories to enjoy off-campus life to the fullest.

Top College Life Amenities Students Desire

It’s important for property managers and developers to keep in mind that young adults place a high value on the college experience. This facet not only involves acquiring an education and making new friends. The daily routine they experience also plays a significant role in their quality of life. The following rank among the top amenities college students desire.

  • Recreation Centers
  • Improved Mail Services
  • Better Parking
  • Rock Wall Climbing Facilities
  • Golf Simulators
  • Fire Pits and Outdoor Cooking Areas

Students who live in on-campus dormitories often find the environment sterile, restrictive, and lacking in pleasurable amenities. University administrators are not likely to invest in a patio grill outside the dorms because the need for food service is already filled by the dining hall.

The average college student walks away with a diploma and nearly $60,000 in student loan debt. If they are going to pay a premium to live off campus, it simply has to be worth it.

How Hot is the BBQ Grill Trend?

Some of the items today’s college students want may be passing fads. The increasing popularity of outdoor patio grills and the wave of enthusiasm indicate communal BBQ areas will have a lasting, positive impact on housing decisions.

Over the last five years, gas grill sales in the U.S. alone have risen from $1.32 billion in 2017 to $1.53 billion annually. Natural gas and liquid propane grill sales are expected to top $1.58 billion in 2023 and reach $1.73 billion in 2025. The unwavering increase in patio grill sales shows that integrating a BBQ will become a standard amenity.

Supporting the notion that BBQ grills at student housing facilities will continue to gain traction, Forbes magazine published a feature article called “BBQ University Is Back, And Your Backyard Grilling Will Be Better Than Ever.” The piece covered the reopening of the so-called “BBQ U” at Broadmoor Resort in Colorado. The grilling education facility temporarily closed due to an ownership change and its reopening was met with a fervor. BBQ University also ran a series on PBS for four seasons.

The point is that people are enamored with the idea of cooking delicious cuts of beef, chicken, fish, and veggie kabobs over an open flame that locks in the delicate flavors. Communal BBQ areas are a smash hit among young adults learning to prepare the perfect burger, steak, or grilled veggies while earning a degree. Student housing grills are here to stay.

How To Integrate Student Housing Grills

Property owners, developers, and housing designers are tasked with finding a commercial grill line that checks all the durability, safety, and quality usage boxes. The PGS patio grill line offers industry-leading natural gas and liquid propane grills that are perfect for off-campus life.

Given the popularity of outdoor cooking and the likelihood that student housing grills will experience high-volume usage, they must be commercial grade. Products made from stainless steel are typically the most durable, and PGS grills offer expansive direct cooking areas. Each commercial grill will need to be secured in place for safety purposes and to reduce the possibility of theft. This means including communal BBQ areas that have fixed countertops, selecting prefabricated grilling islands, or utilizing a pedestal mount that can be secured in place. Perhaps the ideal patio grill line for student housing is the PGS T-series.

PGS T-Series Patio Grill Line Offers Enhanced Safety Features

Property owners and developers would be wise to consider how many residents will occupy each off-campus housing facility. In multi-unit settings, small or even modestly sized outdoor patio grills are unlikely to suffice and safety is a priority. The PGS T-Series patio grills deliver the large direct grilling space that will be needed when students gather to socialize and make meals together. The T-Series S27T, S36T, and S48T, provide the following essential safety features.

  • One Hour Shutoff Timer: This one-hour shut off timer is built into the patio grill as a safety feature that reduces the chances of someone inadvertently touching a hot grill lid. After 60 minutes, the natural gas or liquid propane powering the commercial grill stops flowing. Timed usage also prevents wasteful fuel consumption.
  • Matchless Ignition: Each commercial grill comes with a battery-powered ignition system. This key safety item helps prevent lighting burns.
  • Heat Indicator: The T-Series patio grills come with a side-mounted heat indicator. This item articulates precisely how hot the grill is for safety and precision cooking purposes.

The T-Series patio grill line also comes with laser-etched instructions on the control panel. Having the directions permanently imprinted on the commercial grill explains proper usage to all students. Like other safety features, etched control panels can help reduce premises insurance costs.

Top 3 Student Housing Grill Models

The PGS S27T, S36T, and S48T, deliver expansive direct cooking space, top-end heat capacity, and little extras that make them perfect for communal BBQ areas. These rank among the highly rated features of these stainless steel commercial grill options, and why they are widely adopted in apartments, condos, and resorts, among others.

  • PGS S27T Patio Grill: This model provides 540 square inches of direct grilling area and generates 45,000 BTUs. It can be mounted on a slim, fixed-in-place pedestal to minimize patio space or be the centerpiece of a complete outdoor kitchen. It can also be ordered with an additional warming rack for indirect cooking.
  • PGS S36T Patio Grill: This larger stainless steel commercial grill delivers 720 square inches of direct grilling area and 67,000 BTUs. The S36T also can be ordered with an optional warming rack. Its size and heat-generating capacity make it a darling for communal BBQ areas.
  • PGS S48T Patio Grill: With 960 square inches of direct cooking space and a stunning 90,000 BTUs, this model can seamlessly service student housing facilities and large gatherings. It also can be outfitted with an expansive warming rack.

When planning a new student housing project or upgrading an existing common area, it’s important to note the PGS T-Series commercial grill line comes with self-cleaning cooking grates and a five-year replacement warranty. These commercial grills are made in the USA, and stainless steel models are durable, weather resistant, and are typically the last BBQ grill people purchase.

If student housing developers and property management organizations are going to continue to attract college students willing to pay a premium for off-campus housing, communal BBQ areas prove attractive incentive to move in. Condominiums, apartment complexes, hotels, and resorts are already cashing in on the outdoor patio grill trend, and the industry’s year-over-year sales growth proves it.