Springtime Is Near. Is Your Grill Ready?

If you’re like most of us, spring is the time when you’ll want to fire up the outdoor cooker and throw on a few burgers or steaks. Will your grill be set to go when you are? Is it clean enough, and are all its parts in working order?

Why Cleaning a Charcoal Grill is NOT Worth it

If you’re still using a charcoal grill, maintaining it can be a mess. Backyard grillers who are ambitious enough to clean these grills often aren’t sure how to do it. You have to scrape off the debris from the inside of the lid and wipe it down with soap and water. You’ll need steel wool and a cleaning product to scour the bowl. Then there’s more work with steel wool or a bristle brush to clean the grates.

Furthermore, some parts of that old grill may be too far gone to be worth cleaning. You’d be better off replacing them. But can you? Many grill makers don’t stock replacement parts, and for older grills, all that parts inventory may be long gone.

On the other hand, if you have a long-lasting PGS gas grill from AEI Corporation, cleaning is not a burdensome job, and the grill is worth the modest annual maintenance effort required. Also, if you do need a replacement grill part, AEI maintains an exhaustive inventory.

Spring Cleaning for a Gas Grill

A good gas grill, such as a PGS Legacy or A-Series grill, will give you years of delectable grilling with a minimum of maintenance. However, it’s a good idea to block out some time before grilling season starts to give your outdoor cooker a thorough going-over. Here’s the routine you should follow each spring to maintain a PGS grill:

Start by completely shutting off the gas supply and opening the grill’s valve to bleed off any residual gas. Then shut the valves and remove the cooking grids. If your model has Moon ROK grill briquettes, remove the rock grates and the ceramic briquettes as well. Slowly raise the burner assembly, being careful not to bend the ignitor electrode. Remove the burner and venturi assembly. Cover the valve orifices with aluminum foil to protect them while they’re exposed.

Brush the sides and bottom of the burner’s inside with a stiff wire brush. If there are clogged holes, you can poke them open with a thin wire. A bottlebrush, pipe cleaner or any long flexible wire is suitable for cleaning out the venturis. This is critical to prevent the dangerous flashback that can happen with a clogged venturi.

You’ll want to clean the grill housing. PGS housings are made from heavy stainless steel or cast aluminum, so you only need to remove built-up grease and debris. All stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned with a good stainless steel cleaner such as PGS SSC (spray stainless steel cleaner) or SS Wipes with the cleaning already on them. You can clean the cooking grids with a grill-cleaning brass brush and then protect them with a light coating of cooking oil.

The exterior of PGS cast aluminum grills has been powder coated with a process that seals paint to the housing. If oxidation appears, it can be washed off with soap and water.

When your grill is clean, reinstall the burners and inspect and test it before igniting any gas. Inspect the hose for cracks and leaks. Then open the gas supply while leaving the burner valves turned off. Check all connections with a 50-50 water and liquid soap solution. Spray it on with a spray bottle or paint it on with a brush. If you see any bobbles, tighten connections and retest.

Next, open the valves and test the ignition. Let it run for a few minutes while you watch and listen. When this test is complete, you’re ready to put back the cooking rocks and the grate. Now you’re prepared for a season of safe, enjoyable outdoor entertaining!

Is It Time for a New PGS Grill?

When you own a PGS gas grill from AEI, you’ll spend little time doing maintenance and a lot of time amazing your friends and neighbors with perfectly cooked steaks, chops, and chicken. PGS grills avoid fancy bells and whistles and concentrate on the important features that make them easy enough for a novice and capable enough for a creative veteran.

  • The PGS Legacy grills are stainless steel models that are ideal for the residential grillmaster. They include the two-burner Newport grill, the three-burner Pacifica grill, and the impressive four-burner Big Sur grill that cranks out 102,000 BTU of cooking power. All are available with a rotisserie kit for succulent chicken and roasts.
  • The A-Series grills are cast aluminum grills also grandly suited for residential use. They include the small but capable single-burner A-30 and its more powerful cousin, the A-40. Don’t be misled by the size, though! They’re built from permanent mold aluminum, commercial grade stainless steel, brass, and porcelain on steel. Any backyard chef will be proud of the grilled goodies they can prepare on one of these.
  • The T-Series grills are designed for commercial use, and they’re also ideal as community grills in apartments and condominiums. They come in both stainless steel and cast aluminum models. One great feature of these grills is the FuelStop 60-minute timer, which automatically shuts off the gas after an hour. Building managers don’t have to worry about residents walking away and forgetting.

All PGS grills come in both natural gas and liquid propane models. There are a variety of mounting options including pedestal mounts, grill carts, portable grill carts, and complete grilling islands with countertops and storage. You can also build them right into a customized outdoor grilling station.

PGS offers a warranty that’s a leader in the gas grill industry. There are one-year warranties and even lifetime warranties on some of the parts. If you ever do need grill replacement parts, AEI Corporation maintains a full stock of parts inventory.

PGS Grills from AEI: Long Lasting and Easy To Maintain

If your current grill is showing its age and is a hassle to clean, it’s time to step up to a top-quality PGS grill from AEI Corporation. This is the trusted commercial grill all over the world in restaurants, resorts, B&Bs, golf clubs, and sailing clubs. They’re the grills of choice for many apartment complexes and condominiums, where ease of maintenance and the sturdiness to stand up to heavy use are paramount.

For the residential homeowner, a PGS grill is an investment that will pay delicious dividends for years to come. When you spend time with your grill, you want to be cranking out mouth-watering dinners and not futzing with cleaning and maintenance. An easy annual inspection and clean-up ensures that your PGS grill will be ready to go whenever you and your friends are hungry for the best eating that patio barbecue cookouts have to offer.