Shopping for a Commercial Grill for Your Apartment Complex or Condominium Common Area?

Property managers sometimes feel the pressure to upgrade amenities for apartment renters and condominium residents. There’s little a community manager can do to improve fitness centers or pools that could make a difference in people’s lives. That’s why many turn their attention to installing high-quality commercial grills in apartment, condo, and multifamily common areas.

A propane or natural gas grill does more than provide families with a place to prepare a delicious meal. The right propane or natural gas grill creates opportunities to bond together in ways they previously could not. But knowing which commercial grills would be the best HOA fund investment and serve the population often proves challenging. However, an increased number of property management companies are turning to PGS commercial grills for good reason.

Commercial Grills for Apartments/Condos Multifamily Living

The people tasked with maintaining and improving the grounds prefer items that function at a high level and look aesthetically pleasing. When you look at many of the so-called commercial grills circulating through retail outlets and other sources, they are anything but attractive. Too many have boring designs, overly large lettering, and logos that demand the eye’s attention. These are not the attributes property management outfits want from commercial grills or any product.

On the other side of the selection coin, many of these natural gas and propane grill options don’t have the quality construction or durability to handle high traffic. Too many commercial grills are being cheaply made in overseas factories. That’s a primary reason why people have to replace their propane grill every three years on average. Given the amount of usage an outdoor patio grill would receive in a common area, such products are not good investments. It’s crucial to purchase a reliable Made in USA cast aluminum or stainless steel grill.

PGS T-Series Commercial Grills Top Choice for Common Areas

The T-Series commercial grills AEI carries are specifically designed to handle use at large, multifamily properties. These Made in USA cast aluminum and stainless steel grills possess a sleek appearance that distinguishes them from knock-off brands shipped to North America on container vessels.

Known for durability, the T-Series grill models are built to last and are backed by an industry-leading warranty. Few, if any, grill manufacturers offer substantial warranties or replacement parts because subpar units do not endure harsh weather or the test of time.

This line of commercial grills provides a few different options designed to meet the needs of apartment and condo residents. Depending on the model, T-Series commercial grills can either be powered as a liquid propane or natural gas grill. The T-30 and T-40 models best illustrate how this works.

The T-30 and T-40 commercial grills can be mounted on a fixed pedestal, a grill cart, or an outdoor countertop. Each option allows property managers to secure the outdoor patio grill in place. But the difference, in terms of fuel, involves running a line for natural gas or housing a liquid propane tank. Mounting a T-30 or T-40 on a relatively slender cart allows you to place the tank in the base. This setup avoids the need to run a natural gas line to the patio grill, and propane grill can be mobile for flexibility. But if natural gas is an option, and the preferred choice, a post-installation is perfect for using natural gas.

Which T-Series Grill is Best for Common Areas?

It’s important to keep in mind there is no “best” grill for a given space, just practicality. The T-30 and T-40 are modestly sized units that easily satisfy the needs of families and small groups. They generate between 30,000 and 40,000 BTUs and provide a direct cooking area of 330 to 434 square inches. These heavy-duty cast aluminum models come with stainless steel cooking grids. They are space-efficient enough to be installed on condo or apartment patios for individual use.

There are three larger models in the T-Series family that are excellent for handling the grilling needs for birthday parties, graduations, and community events. The S27T commercial grills deliver an expansive cooking area of 504 square inches over 45,000 BTUs. The stainless steel grill also enjoys stylish laser-etched instructions and anti-theft knobs.

It can also be deployed as a natural gas or liquid propane grill depending on mounting preference. Installing it on an attractive matching cart allows property managers to use liquid propane tanks. But it’s not unusual to install the model as the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen, with surrounding countertops. Such a setup is conducive to natural gas.

As you might anticipate, the S36T grill has an even larger direct grilling area and BTUs. These stand at 720 square inches and 67,000, respectively. Also sporting laser-etched instructions, anti-theft knobs, and a side-mounted heat indicator, this liquid propane or natural gas grill comes with a full, five-year replacement warranty.

Last, but not least, in the PGS commercial grill series, the S48T has the bandwidth to handle large gatherings and satisfy the outdoor cooking desires of residents. With all the little extras of the previous two models, this liquid propane or natural gas grill pushes out 90,000 BTUs over 960 square inches of direct grilling space. An optional warming rack can be added for indirect cooking. Chefs can also use this rack to ensure multiple items come off the aromatic grill together.

T-Series Commercial Grills Come with Safety Features

As a property manager, it’s crucial to consider the impact introducing a new amenity will have on the health and well-being of community members. Commercial grills generate intense heat and, if misused, people can incur burns. This line of PGS commercial grills provides determined safety features to minimize the risk of injury.

Each PGS T-Series stainless steel or cast aluminum commercial grill comes with a matchless ignition starter. This prevents people from trying to stick a match or lighter into the unit while the fuel is running.

Another feature is the 60-minute fuel shutoff timer. This safety feature ensures grill users don’t leave it running, opening the door for someone accidentally singing themselves on a hot grill hood. Not only does the gas-flow timer provide heightened safety, but it also prevents fuel waste that taxes an HOA budget. Lastly, PGS commercial grills can be outfitted with Lift-Assist and an ESTOP emergency gas shutoff.

Benefits of Installing T-Series Commercial Grills

The various size, fuel sources, and mounting options within the T-Series create a unique opportunity for community managers. You can install multiple T-30 and T-40 commercial grills throughout the grounds. This strategy lends itself to intimate gatherings and numerous outdoor grilling opportunities. In the right situation, a T-30 or T-40 could be added to the patios of each condominium.

The three largest models — S27T, S36T, and S48T — are perfect for common areas meant to accommodate mid-sized and large groups. Community organizers can take advantage of the outdoor patio grills by holding celebrations around Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July, among others. PGS commercial grills help bring people closer together.