Resort-ready community grills help burn the competition!

For those in the leisure industry, the booming economy may have opened Pandora’s Box because even top-tier resorts are facing increased competition for guests. These days, everyday Americans and international visitors have more discretionary income, and vacation destinations are tasked with upping their game by including amenities such as community grills. Grills for resorts are trending for 2019 and today’s travelers are already embracing the idea of cooking meals to their liking on liquid propane grills while away from home. It’s important to keep in mind that family chefs do not see using a commercial BBQ grill as a chore. Backyard BBQing is a joyful activity, and it also adds a little extra flair to a vacation. Many resorts are already investing in PGS grills as a way to separate themselves from the competition. Frankly, it’s working.

Why Community Grills Matter To Resorts

Resort owners and decision-makers are continually trying to find new and innovative ways to improve customers experience, increase traffic and separate themselves from the pack. We all recall when hotels, motels, and resorts invested in cable television. The first organizations secured a competitive advantage. But once the vast majority of the hospitality industry included cable, it became expected. These days, if a facility doesn’t have cable TV and free Wi-Fi, it’s at a critical industry disadvantage. But not every travel destination has the grounds or forward thinking skills to make the most of emerging grill trends. By adding a commercial BBQ grill, resorts and other luxury destinations create a unique experience for guests. Swimming in a pool, skiing down a mountain and taking in picturesque views are fundamental reasons people visit. But being able to prepare a special meal adds a level of intimacy that exceeds expectations. It’s important to not underestimate the value-added benefit of a liquid propane grill to the vacation experience.

Top Places To Install Community Grills And Why

Every resort destination enjoys a unique layout designed to create an exceptional experience for visitors. In terms of catching the commercial BBQ grill trend, some of the basic ideas about space utilization could benefit from a second set of eyes. Consider how a liquid propane grill would reinvent these particular spaces.

  • Gazebos:
    These shelters from the sun can grow from relatively passive spaces by establishing a community grill set to one side. This turns a sometimes underused location into a vibrant gathering place.
  • Pool Areas:
    There’s little argument that guests enjoy a relaxed sunbathing experience by the side of the pool during the day. But when the sun goes down, pool areas can become festive gathering areas by including a grill station.
  • Outdoor Patios:
    For resorts that have sizeable patios, verandas or private bungalows, a grilling station can improve intimacy.
  • Recreations Areas:
    Specific areas designed for recreational activities could allow visitors to cook hot foods during breaks or while watching children play. The significant upgrade of a liquid propane grill allows families to remain in the area longer. The alternatives include bringing only cold foods or returning to the living space for a meal.
  • Common Areas:
    Many community parks and beaches include complimentary charcoal grill stations. Although they involve tasks such as bringing additional supplies, lighting and waiting for the right temperature, they are appreciated. When grills for resorts are easy to manage, they are doubly appreciated in common areas.

While each resort has a unique landscape that makes it its own, decision-makers have an opportunity to provide a value-added experience by investing in liquid propane grills ahead of the competition.

Benefit Of Installing PGS Grills

Resort decision-makers interested who take advantage of the emerging commercial BBQ grill trend would do well to stick with top-tier products. The investment is a strategic one that will improve your number of 5-star ratings on social media, augment traffic and ultimately allow your resort to increase its bottom line. Those are good reasons to work with only a high-grade commercial grill company. PGS grills can be purchased fully accessorized with a grill timer, secondary burners, and even infrared rotisseries burners. Keep in mind that luxury and convenience are valued by visitors, which makes items such as a grill timer or rotisserie a game changer. With Americans enjoying more discretionary income and international visitors seeking A-level amenities, industry-leading PGS grills and accessories will put your resort ahead of the trend.