Portable and Stationary Patio Heaters Deliver More Quality Time Outdoors

When it comes to spending time outdoors in the fresh air, everyday people want one thing — more. Whether that means extending the season as winter chills the night air or coming out of human hibernation before spring blesses us with reasonable temperatures, we want more fresh air, more sunshine, and more moonlit skies.

If you step back and think about the ways you try to get additional time outside, they may surprise you. How many times have you put on a sweater or jacket to sit outside in the evening? How many late autumn days have you put a chair in the midday sun just to enjoy a beverage or text message friends and family in your backyard? Probably quite a few.

But earning those days and weeks of enhanced quality of life requires home and business owners to take decisive steps to make the great outdoors more comfortable. Fortunately, the advanced technology integrated into today’s state-of-the-art propane heaters delivers the “more” people of all walks of life want.

Blanket Your Patio with Infrared Comfort

The top-tier commercial and residential infrared heaters developed by AEI Corporation have the ability to deliver enhanced warmth and comfort to outdoor patios and gathering spaces. That’s because infrared technology has been a game-changer in the outdoor heating industry.

Before infrared, outdoor heaters threw off flame-driven heat to warm the air around people and objects. When that was the best method available, it wasn’t unusual for people to count the benefits of being outside and downplay the inherent discomfort these products created. Anyone who has stood near a flame-driven heater may recall being nearly singed when getting too close or too cold when not within it’s best throw-range. And anytime a swift breeze rushed by, everyone felt an uncomfortable chill. While this was the best you could expect a decade or so ago, infrared now wraps you in a consistent cozy blanket.

Manufacturers such as AEI have managed to tailor the next-generation infrared benefits into permanently fixed and portable LP heater designs that can safely and securely outfit any outdoor space. Whether you are a hotel manager looking to gain a competitive edge by extending poolside comfort or a homeowner with an open-air porch, patio or veranda, there is a natural gas or LP heater that can deliver more comfortable time outdoors.

Residential Infrared Heaters Come in Several Shapes, Sizes, & Fuel Sources

The mushroom heater remains an iconic style, and the infusion of infrared technology ranks it among the most effective products. AEI’s Patio Comfort heaters, for example, produce infrared heat safely and effectively. This allows homeowners and hospitality industry decision-makers to strategically place this style of portable LP heater where friends, family, or patrons choose to gather.

Because the mushroom LP heater can house a liquid propane tank in its base, it provides a helpful level of mobility. You can line the outside of your patio, veranda, or backyard with mushroom heaters to target specific seating or gathering areas. And, they can also be moved when needed to reorganize outdoor comfort when you desire. Although the mushroom heater remains iconic looking and mobile, permanent radiant outdoor heaters also deliver a unique upside. Consider the benefits of these fixed models.

  • Hung Mushroom Heaters: Industry leaders such as AEI have stylized the mushroom heater and adapted it to be a permanent hanging heater. The permanently hung models also enjoy the flexibility of being directly connected to existing natural gas lines, and they free up floor space because they’re hanging.
  • Fixed Electric Heaters: Homes and businesses can now utilize infrared radiant comfort with electric patio heaters. Products such as Infratech can be safely and cost-effectively run from a designated electric feed and installation cost is minor. They can be strategically placed on most walls, ceilings, and overhead structures, or even mounted flush with your wall or ceiling.
  • Fixed Natural Gas Heaters: This class of radiant outdoor heaters has effectively revolutionized the industry and the way homeowners and businesses deliver enhanced comfort. AEI’s Sunpak line of heaters are remarkable for commercial and residential settings. They can be mushroom-shaped or box-shaped heaters.  The next-generation designs allow for installations in low-hanging verandas or porches. This line can also be dropped down in high ceiling or overhead structures to provide precision warmth.

What’s important to keep in mind when considering giving yourself, patrons, or family members more time in the fresh air is that today’s infrared units come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The classic mushroom LP heater still provides agility. But natural gas and electric heaters that are permanently installed can be placed overhead or on walls horizontally and vertically. That’s largely due to the fact that radiant infrared technology has replaced risky open flame. The point is that industry-leading radiant heating manufacturers have the right model to deliver more time outside.

Control Your Patio Heating System with Precision

While the latest radiant heaters can clearly deliver quality comfort everyday people desire in outdoor spaces, top-tier models provide even more. Including a wide range of switches and systems used for controlling your heaters. 

Fixed overhead and wall units are often outfitted with heating control accessories that allow you to provide more heat when needed. These accessories also include shut-off timers so that energy isn’t wasted when you or your guests are not gathered in the outdoor space. Homeowners and hospitality industry decision-makers can even order duplex switches that allow you to control multiple units from a single location independently or advanced control systems that give you the most control over your patio heating system.

What we are experiencing living in the technology age is that the makers of radiant outdoor heaters are keenly in tune with the type of Smart innovations that are pervasive in other aspects of our indoor lives. Infrared heaters (whether they are powered by propane, natural gas, or electricity) are delivering more leisure time outdoors and improved quality of life.