Patio Grills Elevate Resort Experiences Beyond the Competition

In the evolving landscape of the leisure industry, the economic upturn presents challenges and opportunities, with premier resorts competing for guest attention amidst a sea of options. In this competitive arena, distinguishing amenities have become paramount, and outdoor community grill areas are a standout feature for resorts in 2024. Today’s resort-goers, expect high-end amenities and are looking for unique experiences that allow them the comfort and joy of cooking their meals just the way they like. The trend towards incorporating commercial grills, especially those powered by clean-burning liquid propane or natural gas, has gained significant traction, transforming the culinary experience of vacationing into a delightful and memorable activity.

The Strategic Importance of Patio Grills for Resorts

For resort owners and managers, installing patio grills is a great way to enhance guest experience and drive future bookings. Reflecting on the past, the introduction of amenities like cable television once served as a competitive edge until it became an industry standard. Today, the absence of expected conveniences such as cable TV and complimentary Wi-Fi places any hospitality venue at a disadvantage. However, not all resorts possess the foresight or the space to leverage emerging trends effectively. Installing a high-quality commercial patio grill adds a unique layer to the guest experience, combining the thrill of outdoor activities with the intimacy and pleasure of meal preparation. This addition enriches the vacation experience, offering an element of surprise and exceeding guest expectations.

Ideal Locations for Outdoor Patio Grills

Resorts boast distinct layouts and settings, each designed to offer an unparalleled visitor experience. Adapting to the commercial grill trend requires a creative reimagining of space utilization:

  • Gazebos: Transform underutilized outdoor areas into vibrant communal hubs by erecting a gazebo or pergola with a grill station inside. Providing shade or protection from the elements can entice guests to use your patio grills.
  • Pool Areas: Amplify the leisurely poolside ambiance into an evening hotspot with a stainless steel grill on a grill island, allowing families to enjoy the pool without having to leave to BBQ their food.
  • Outdoor Patios, Verandas, and Private Bungalows: A small cast aluminum patio grill can significantly enhance the sense of privacy and exclusivity, offering a personal touch to the private patio spaces of your lager suites.
  • Recreational Areas: Incorporating a grill by your resort’s rec areas allows guests to enjoy grilled meals without the need to leave the fun, extending family time and engagement within the space. Recreational areas can include mini-golf, rock-climbing walls, dance floors, athletic courts, and much more.
  • Common Areas: A resort can set itself above the competition by offering easy-to-use, high-quality natural gas or propane grills in any of their outdoor common areas, especially in areas with outdoor attractions.

Installing high-quality patio grills allows resorts to provide a memorable, value-added experience for their guests, setting them ahead in the competitive landscape.

The Advantages of an Industry-Leading Commercial Patio Grill

Investing in a commercial grill is a strategic decision that requires careful consideration. Our T-Series grill are recognized for their superior design and durability. All our T-Series grills come standard with some safety features such as the one-hour gas-flow shutoff grill timer and lift-assist grill handle. These and other optional grill accessories not only enhance the cooking experience of your guests, but give you peace of mind as well. Our gas-flow shutoff grill timer prevents guests from wasting fuel by accidentally leaving the grill running for longer than one hour. In an era where both domestic and international travelers seek exceptional amenities, equipping your resort with industry-leading T-Series grills gives resort-goers what they want.

T-Series One-Hour Gas-Flow Shutoff Grill Timer

The PGS One-hour gas flow grill timer is a paramount safety feature for any grilling setup, especially in resort environments. This device automatically stops the gas flow when the timer reaches zero, potentially saving the resort money by preventing unnecessary fuel use. It's particularly beneficial in scenarios where distractions might lead users to forget to turn off the grill manually. By installing a T-Series grill which all include this grill timer, resorts can ensure a safer grilling experience for their guests, providing peace of mind for both operators and users. The added layer of protection underscores a commitment to safety without compromising on the joy and convenience of an outdoor cooking experience.

Lift-Assist Grill Handle

The PGS Lift-Assist handle is designed to enhance usability and safety, making the grill's lid easier to open. This feature is particularly useful for guests who use a wheelchair or might find the lid heavy or awkward to lift. No one likes reaching over a hot grill when opening or closing a grill, the lift-assist grill handle stops that. It promotes a more enjoyable and accessible grilling experience for everyone, ensuring that cooking outdoors is a pleasure, not a strain.

Focus on the Guest Experience with Patio Grills

The installation of outdoor patio grills as one of your resort amenities is an essential step to entice today's travelers to stay at your resort. The guest experience is dependent on having the amenities the expect, and patio grills are one of those expectations. By installing patio grills, resorts not only distinguish themselves compared to their competition but also increase the chance their guests will leave with a positive experience. Looking ahead, the thoughtful integration of outdoor patio grills will always be a cornerstone in sculpting the allure of hospitality destinations, promising a brighter future where guest satisfaction and memorable stays are at the heart of the hospitality industry.