Patio Comfort Outdoor Heaters Can Keep You Warm on Your Patio

Now that it’s early Spring, we’re all enjoying the changing weather and looking forward to the growing trend toward Summer. But the nights are still pretty cold out there- and even when they aren’t anymore- they will be cold again before you know it. The good news is that you can enjoy the evenings outdoors all year long without having to fight off the cold just to gaze at the stars or watch the moody spring and fall evenings clouds moving dramatically. Instead, why not use an affordable and convenient infrared heater from Patio Comfort?

What Makes Patio Comfort Heaters So Great?

There are many reasons why people love to use infrared heaters to add warmth to their outdoor living spaces. Here are just a few reasons we can think of right off the bat.

Infrared Heaters produce a circle of deep heat:

Unlike traditional heaters that blow air in a given direction, infrared heaters create a solid circle of heat around the device. Infrared heat does not have to warm air which then has to warm you. It directly heats everything around the heater for that robust heat that Patio Comfort heaters do so well.

Infrared Heaters are Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient:

Largely because you don’t have to wait for warmed air to heat the people, air, and objects around the heater, infrared heaters waste next to zero of the energy they convert to heat. That makes them cheaper to run. And because they have fewer moving parts than other types of heaters, they are easier and cheaper to maintain.

Infrared Heaters Run on Either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas:

Propane and natural gas are less expensive than other types of fuel and are much cleaner than other types of combustible fuel. There are advantages and disadvantages to using either, but the choice is up to you. We have a lot of material on our site about the pros and cons of using a natural gas outdoor heater vs a portable lp heater. We’ll go over some of the most important differences below.

Easy “Piezo” Match-Free Ignition:

These advanced patio heating devices come with their own built-in match-free igniters. These are easy to use, safe, and very reliable. You won’t have to worry about the possibility of gas in the air as you maneuver a match toward the back of a metal shaft.

The Durable Anodized Aluminum “Mushroom-top” is Worth Its Weight in Gold:

You’ll notice the comforting heat reflect downward off the durable anodized aluminum top of the radiant patio heater that forces warm air to move evenly through the space.

All Models Meet or Exceed CSA and UL Safety and Performance Standards in Both the US and Canada:

Because of some of the early scrutiny, these and similar units that run off of propane and natural gas were subjected to, it was necessary for the industry to raise its standards of performance and safety to a very high threshold. For this reason, outdoor infrared heaters are extremely durable, safe, and outperform nearly any other type of heater of comparable size and output.

Replacement Parts are Available:

While it is unusual that owners have to replace any of the internal components of the infrared heaters, occasionally the need does arise. For this reason, we keep a complete stock of internal and external components for use in maintaining your outdoor heater indefinitely.

A Wide Range of Finishes Are Available:

These discrete and compact heaters are not only properly sized to work well in just about any space, but they come in a variety of colors to complement any décor. Patio Comfort heaters come in stainless steel, antique bronze, and jet silver vein.

Constructed With the Highest Quality Components Available:

All of Patio Comfort’s outdoor space heaters are made from high quality, durable, and precision-fitted internal and external components. Chances are, you will be able to run your infrared heater for years without replacing a single part. But should you ever need to replace any heater part, we have every internal component you could ever need in stock.

Natural Gas or Propane?

Of course, you will need to choose whether you wish to run your heater on natural gas or propane. Here, we will cover the pros and cons of both. But we think you will find that the best decision depends on personal preference and the availability of each fuel type in your area.

Natural Gas Heaters

Natural gas-powered heaters receive fuel from a line in the ground. Your local natural gas utility will often install a line free of charge or for a reasonable price if you haven’t got a line already.

Natural Gas Heaters can be mounted either directly in the ground or on a small decorative base of your choosing.

An overhead patio heater running on Natural Gas may be suspended above the area you wish to heat in order to save space for you and your guests.

Liquid Propane Heaters

The major advantage of liquid propane heaters is their portability. They appeal to those who need or would like the option to move their heater around as needed. 

Liquid propane is stored in a movable tank that you can store, refill, and use at your leisure. This eliminates the possibility of dealing with in-ground lines which may occasionally become pinched or obstructed.

Propane fuel tanks are easy to switch out, and they come with a cover that can be ordered to match the finish on your heater.

Being free of an in-ground natural gas line, using propane allows you to move your heater around as you wish. The portability is further enhanced with an optional wheel kit which is also available.

You’ll enjoy the additional flexibility that propane power adds to your heating options. For many people, the ability to move it where they like it is the deciding factor.

Patio Comfort Heaters 

At the end of the day, the power source you choose will come down to the availability of either in your area, the nature of your entertaining habits, and your personal preference.

If being tethered to an underground gas line doesn’t appeal to you, LP is probably the better choice for you, because propane heaters can be moved around.

Availability is an important factor to consider. Some locations make it easy to access natural gas, and others have propane available for purchase at hardware stores, convenience stores, and elsewhere. Whichever you choose, the best fuel source might be the one that is most plentiful and least regulated in your part of the country.

Finally, if you have ever used liquid propane or natural gas before, then the one you have more experience with might be the right choice for you.