Patio BBQ Grills & Accessories Can Help Make Father's Day A Huge Success

Father’s Day ranks among the most popular reasons for families to dine together and 42 percent of Americans use their patio BBQ. While showing appreciation for dads brings everyone together, families living in condos, apartment complexes, and even staying at hotels find commercial barbecue resources often become overwhelmed.

It’s difficult for nearly half of residents or guests to use a stainless steel grill on the third Sunday in June. That’s why it’s essential for property managers to invest in top-tier commercial barbecue products and accessories. With the appropriate natural gas or propane grill infrastructure in place, loving sons and daughters can prepare their father’s favorite meal.

What are Most Grilled Foods on Father’s Day?

The vast majority of Americans who attend any type of patio BBQ event indicate they prefer hot dogs, burgers, steaks, and other meats. But a growing number of people say they want grilled vegetables hot off an outdoor gas grill. That being said, these rank among the most popular Father’s Day menu options cooked on a commercial outdoor gas grill.

  • Bacon Double Cheese Burgers
  • Grilled Potato Salad
  • Grilled Asparagus
  • Rib Eye Steaks
  • Flank Steak and Veggies (grilled)
  • Grilled Salmon
  • Blackened Shrimp
  • Veggie Kabobs
  • White Pizza
  • BBQ Spare Ribs
  • BBQ Chicken Wings

When prepared by loved ones, all of these and other delicious menu options can make a Father’s Day complete. But property managers are tasked with getting patio BBQ stations up and running. And many need enhanced commercial barbecue grill infrastructure and accessory improvements.

Building Out Commercial Barbecue Stations

It’s not unusual for decision-makers at multi-family living spaces, homeowners associations, and hotel groups to be hesitant about investing in additional amenities. However, commercial barbecue grills should be the exception.

When grilling stations are installed or outfitted with extra conveniences, you can anticipate an excellent return on investment. Along with improved property value, onboarding industry-leading commercial grills and accessories attracts good-paying renters and guests. The following PGS patio BBQ grill line offers best-in-class products, upgrades, and safety features.


The PGS S27T produces a powerful 45,000 BTUs, this model has 540 square inches of grilling area. It is commonly used to disperse patio BBQ grills throughout condos and apartment complexes. All models in this line can be cart-mounted as a liquid propane grill or fixed in place for natural gas, as well as mounted as an outdoor countertop BBQ island.


The PGS S36T encompasses 720 square inches of grate space over 67,000 BTUs, this model is ideal for setting up a variety of outdoor kitchens across an apartment complex. If you need something mid sized, this is your go to.


The biggest from this line is the PGS S48T commercial barbecue grill which offers 960 square inches of direct grill space and 90,000 BTUs. Its ability to efficiently prepare entire meals in one session makes it perfect for servicing multiple families on Father’s Day and other holiday gatherings.

PGS Built In Side Burners

Just as important as the grill itself, is the added options that provide the user with convenience and extra space when cooking. Generating 25,000 BTU and made from sturdy stainless steel, dual side burners allow users to boil water for corn on the cob, simmer rice, or whip up a stir-fry. The side burners are also a convenient addition that allows family members to keep items warm even if your timing is off by a few minutes.

Gensun Modano BBQ Island

This prefab BBQ island comes in two sizes and can be assembled by a handy DIYer in one afternoon. Designed to handle the above PGS commercial barbecue grills, it adds storage, drawers, and an opportunity to establish an outdoor kitchen on the grounds.

Suitable for PGS patio BBQ grills fueled by natural gas or liquid propane, the lovely countertops simplify Father’s Day meal preparation. The ability to onboard this added value amenity to a condo, apartment complex, or hotel elevates its status. People are typically willing to pay higher rates and fees knowing they are getting quality of life benefits in return.

Beverage Centers Options

Few, if any, outdoor commercial BBQ lines include little extras such as beverage centers. When you buy most grills, the idea is that users will lug their heavy ice chests to the cooking area. But the thought leaders who design the PGS system focus on streamlining the leisure experience. The PGS outdoor grill line now enjoys two sizes of fixed-in-place beverage coolers. Just add a little ice, and you can keep your beverage of choice cold throughout the Father’s Day get-together.

PGS Commercial Patio Grill Safety Features

One of the primary hesitancies of property managers and other decision-makers, when installing commercial barbecue grills, involves safety. The idea someone will get burned or start a fire is concerning for both property owners and residents. It also impacts business practices in terms of insurance costs. Like the quality experiences the PGS line addresses with its little extras, superior safety standards have also been integrated. These include the following.

60 Minute Gas Shut Off Timer

The 60 minute gas shut off timer ensures that grills won't be left on unattended. Users are required to start the timer, and it automatically shuts off the fuel at the end of one hour. This safety measure also eliminates the possibility of inadvertently wasting fuel.

BBQ Lift Assist Handle

The commercial BBQ Lift Assist Handle is exclusively designed for PGS Legacy grills. It helps ease opening the grill hood and may prove beneficial to people with disabilities. It can be added to Legacy grill handles without the need to make modifications.

Other features include laser-etched instructions that ensure users understand how to operate the patio BBQ grill in a safe, efficient manner. Anti-theft knobs save money on perhaps the most prevalently purchased replacement part. Flip Grates reduce maintenance staff labor. Staff members can simply turn the direct grilling grates over — once cool — and they will self-clean the next time the grill is fired up. The matchless ignition in these models is battery-powered, avoiding the risk of injury when users sometimes try to light the grill with an open flame.

These industry-leading Made in USA commercial barbecue grills come with extensive warranties and parts replacement programs. Like any product, some parts will naturally wear out over time. But PGS commercial outdoor gas grills are typically the last product condos, apartment complexes, and hotels need to purchase.

Make Father’s Day a Success with PGS Patio BBQ Grill

It’s imperative that property managers avoid getting overwhelmed by patio BBQ grill requests and backlogs this Father’s Day. There’s enough time to expand your outdoor gas grill footprint or add quality amenities that enhance the experience. Investing in community gathering areas and select spaces shows residents and guests you are focused on steadily improving their experience by helping to make Father’s Day a success.