Outdoor Patio Heaters Deliver Restaurant Heating Solutions as States Reopen

As states roll out phased business openings, restaurant owners are tasked with recovering lost revenue as quickly as possible. Outdoor patio seating will play a critical role going forward.

Unlike industries that were able to pivot to work-from-home strategies, many eateries were reduced to take-out only. According to the National Restaurant Association, the foodservice industry will have to recover from a $225 million downturn through May. This could be a Herculean task considering that COVID-19 social distancing measures are likely to remain in place, resulting in limited dining room seating. However, outdoor patio seating can deliver increase revenue through restaurant heating solutions investment, such as the industry-leading AEI brands.

Patio Heater Investment Critical to Restaurant Recovery

Although the pandemic caused unprecedented food industry disruption, federal stimulus packages have helped buoy businesses through these uncertain times. Funds such as Payroll Protection Program loans allowed companies to bridge the slowdown and provide funding to invest in revenue-driving infrastructure. The Small Business Association has also spearheaded efforts to put vital resources in the hands of restaurants.

Perhaps the most important question decision-makers need to be answered is how to invest in a way that provides a quick return. The answer is undoubtedly restaurant heating solutions for outdoor patio seating, and this is why.

Outdoor Patio Heaters Crucial to Restaurant Openings

States that have green-lighted reopening eateries have largely made outdoor patio seating a phase one option. Given social distancing parameters, these areas are expected to operate at limited capacity in the coming months. The best way business owners can maximize revenue would be to extend hours of service. That means delivering warming comfort to make the environmental dining experience enjoyable. These are effective outdoor restaurant heating solutions that have proven reliable for foodservice businesses.

Outdoor Heaters Help Open Early

Diners and breakfast places will be among the more heavily impacted by the lockdown. Patrons typically want to sit down in a dining space before work or early in the morning to socialize. Indoor closures have mostly nixed that experience. The other problem is that the breakfast crowd comes early before the sun’s warming rays make outdoor patio seating palatable. Many breakfast places invest in portable patio heaters to deliver a quality experience. Portable mushroom heaters tend to be the product of choice because they can be positioned as needed. While these are critical to sustained business, portable propane heaters can help you open earlier than usual to begin recovering lost revenue during closures.

Patio Heaters Keep Restaurants Open Later

Late spring and early summer temperatures usually press customers to stay indoors at night. This may not be an option due to the uncertainty surrounding future coronavirus health and safety mandates. That tasks entrepreneurs and decision-makers with finding ways to extend outdoor patio seating hours.

Restaurateurs who valued outdoor spaces for smokers and socializing tended to employ a two-prong strategy that included fixed box heaters and portable mushroom units. The basic idea is to provide comfort at outdoor bars and seating while having the flexibility to move portable propane heaters to suit specific types of gatherings or seating arrangements. One of the restaurant heating solutions on the table is to leverage fixed and movable patio heaters to remain open additional hours to offset revenue losses.

Outdoor Patio Heaters Sustain 24-7 Businesses

Food industry businesses that operate around the clock would be well-served to invest in outdoor patio heating systems to increase revenue proactively. While many of these 24-7 operations relied on in-house dining to access late-night and after-hour crowds. Social distancing protocols are likely to limit indoor dining going forward. That puts a premium on outdoor patio seating.

These spaces can better drive profits with fixed overhead box units or iconic mushroom heaters secured in place. One of the caveats business owners may not realize is that industry-leading portable heaters can be permanently fixed in place. When attached, they can run on liquid propane or be connected to a natural gas line. But the bottom line is that 24-7 eateries will need to deliver warming comfort to outdoor patio seating areas.

What are Best Products to Generate Outdoor Patio Seating Revenue?

Business owners in every sector struggle with the next steps to recovering from the COVID-19 downturn. Despite widespread anxiety, transitioning to a new normal requires forward-thinking business decisions. Scooping up a cheap outdoor heater to put a band-aid on the problem will likely not deliver sustainable restaurant heating solutions.

Stimulus loans and business investment into industry-leading outdoor patio heating technology will build an infrastructure capable of getting you back on your feet and one able to weather another disruption. The state-of-the-art products available through AEI offer enhanced warming comfort with a commercial specialization. These are four models that deliver restaurant heating solutions to help your business rebound and move forward.

Infratech: This line of eco-friendly fixed heaters operates on electricity. This facet has been attractive to business owners who do not have an existing natural gas line and prefer not to swap out liquid propane tanks. This class of mounted unit typically runs off a temperate and time control panel, making it a seamless business tool to maintain outdoor patio seating comfort levels.

Patio Comfort: This line, distributed by AEI, ranks among the most popular restaurant options. Identified by the iconic mushroom head, investing in this product may be the fastest way to get your outdoor patio seating viable for increased customer traffic. Using mushroom heaters with a propane tank housed in the base delivers immediate warmth. Tanks are commonly distributed at retail outlets, and these units can be easily repositioned or fixed in place.

Sunpak: These fixed overhead and wall-mounted units are perfect for outdoor spaces that are partially enclosed. Business owners with large open areas — perfect for social distancing — often attach these products to posts to create expansive outdoor spaces. Operations that have unused or underused outdoor areas can significantly increase customer traffic by investing in this infrastructure now.

Sunglo: These products are decorative mushroom-style heaters that can be hung to enhance a space’s ambiance. The heat-throws are consistent with other top-tier models. Investing in Sunglo units also enhances the aesthetics of semi-enclosed outdoor patio seating areas.

Although there are many types of outdoor heaters on the market, these AEI brands enjoy commercial-grade quality and employ next-generation technology. All of these models use infrared systems that warm objects and people. Flame-driven models warm the surrounding area, which results in customers feeling uncomfortable when a cool breeze removes the warmth.

Business owners are making quick investments into Patio Comfort units to get outdoor patios generating immediate revenue. While current uncertainties make that a savvy profit-driving investment, long-term restaurant heating solutions may also include developing a fixed, permanent outdoor comfort infrastructure to navigate future business disruption.

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