Outdoor Heaters Are a Must for Any Patio With a View

Nature grants us wonderful opportunities to encounter and interact with marvelous landscapes. Cold weather should not keep you from enjoying a beautiful view from your patio. Extend your patio season by adding an outdoor patio heater and take in winter season’s stunning view all year. Whether you desire to breathe in the fresh air during an early March morning, overlook the ocean during a beautiful sunset, or sip on a hot cup of coffee while looking at snow-capped mountains in your own backyard, patio heaters are the solution to staying warm while relaxing and waiting for spring to arrive. Outdoor heating is an affordable luxury and with no open flame, patio heaters are safe for children and pets. Even on the chilliest of nights, you can cook and entertain guests long after the sun goes down.

Outdoor Patio Heaters Provide Maximum Comfort

There’s nothing better for the body and soul than a little time outdoors. Plus, it always seems that food tastes better and conversations are more engaging when experienced in the great outdoors. Our mission at AEI is to enhance your patio by offering you products that are backed with industry-leading warranties and support. Sit back and enjoy the warmth and comfort of an outdoor patio heater from AEI.

Over 45 years of experience in the outdoor heating industry is reflected in AEI’s Patio Comfort line. Our infrared heaters give off warm, clean, efficient heat. We have natural gas heaters as well as propane heaters, many of which are available in various sizes. We even have mushroom heaters. With a variety of mounting options and colors to choose from, Patio Comfort heaters are a great outdoor heating solution. Regardless of the temperature outside, patio heaters allow you to take advantage of all of your dining and entertaining events without comprising the view or time spent with friends and family.

Outdoor Heaters Are Available in Many Sizes and Models

Choosing the right patio heater to cozy up to in cold weather can be somewhat of an overwhelming decision with so many types and sizes available. Our experts are always ready to answer your questions and help you make the best decision. The decision ultimately comes down to your overall heating needs and the size of your patio. In addition to various types and sizes, you’ll also need to choose whether to affix the heater to the ground or overhead. Both are very practical choices, and AEI can help you choose a patio heater that will best fit your patio.

Sunglo Offers Ultimate Flexibility in Patio Heating

A leader in outdoor radiant heating, Sunglo offers much flexibility. Sunglo heaters are available for both covered and uncovered patios, as well as options that allow you to take advantage of portable or permanent mounting.

Sunglo’s four basic models will heat your outdoor space and help you create a backyard entertaining space that you’ve already dreamed of. Made in the USA, the Sunglo name is well recognized and can be found providing outdoor warmth in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and backyards across the world.

Infratech Heaters Complement Your Existing Decor

With so many finishes available, we are convinced you will find a style that matches the beauty and design of your outdoor patio area. Our Infratech electric heaters are eco-friendly, available in low profile options, and fit many décor styles while adding warmth to your patio. In addition, you get the benefits of a superior performing outdoor heater with silent operation and no harmful odors or emissions. For those looking for an even more discreet solution, we offer flush-mounted heaters, as well. Infrared heat can be used in both indoor and outdoor seating areas and operate at an affordable cost. Our Infratech brand offers more installation options and possibilities than any other on the market.

Enhance The Mood With "Dancing Fire Features"

Adding an Ambiance™ Outdoor Fire Feature can amplify the mood of any gathering with its mesmerizing flame. While traditional heaters will keep you warm and comfortable, the fire feature is a decoration its self. Ambiance captures the allure of fire in a safely enclosed transparent tube. When the view from your patio is no longer visible after dark Ambiance™ Outdoor Fire Features can be there to enhance your gathering.

Adding an outdoor patio heater adds value to your patio and makes your time spent with friends and family all the more enjoyable. At AEI, we want to make sure you can enjoy your patio and your view all year long. Contact us with questions about your outdoor heating needs and we'll recommend the perfect heater for your patio. We provide all of our customers with expert knowledge so you can make informed purchasing decisions. Committed to offering the highest level of customer service, we have become an industry leader in the outdoor patio heating industry.