Our Largest All Stainless Steel Grill, The S48T

A grilling area is a popular amenity among residents of condos and apartment buildings, and it’s not hard to understand why. Group cookouts are fun, the socialization brings neighbors together and a high-quality grill in a well-maintained area increases the value of the property. No wonder so many residential building owners and managers offer their residents a commercial grilling station.

If you’re looking for a new grill for your building, the all stainless steel PGS S48T may be the right grill to meet your needs. It’s our largest stainless grill, and it has the size, reliability, and grilling power to handle everything from a weeknight burgerfest to a sumptuous slow-cook barbecue extravaganza.

The S48T grill is sturdy, powerful, and reliable, and it adds a sought-after feature: a gas shut-off timer. There’s no need to worry about a forgetful chef leaving the gas seeping all night long. The gas automatically stops running after 60 minutes.

S48T Stainless Steel T-Series Grill

If you plan to grill for a crowd, you need a commercial grill with plenty of surface and loads of heating power. This 51-inch stainless steel grill boasts a generous 960 square inches of cooking surface, and that’s not including the optional warming rack. The burners generate an impressive 90,000 BTUs. Bring on the meat: this appliance can handle it. Steaks, chickens, chops, burgers, brats, and more: the S48T is a top choice in grills for apartments and condos. It’s always ready to feed a hungry crowd.

How hot does it get? You don’t have to guess! The side-mounted heat indicator lets you know exactly what’s going on inside. It’s a feature that’s particularly useful for slow cooking.

Easy Ignition and Instructions That Are Always There

If you’re responsible for a building, the last thing you want is people starting a grill by striking matches, especially if they’re not sure what they’re doing. With the S48T battery-powered electronic ignition, the push of a button gets things fired up.

What’s more, the instructions are always right there on the grill. They’re part of a laser-etched control panel and they’ll never fade away. You don’t have to tape up a handwritten instruction sheet and hope it stays in place and the residents read it.

Commercial Grade Steel That Cleans in a Jiffy

Residents should clean up after themselves, but that doesn’t always happen. With the low-maintenance PGS FlipGrate 304 stainless steel grate, all that’s routinely needed is a good scrubbing of the grids with a brass or stainless steel brush after cooking, while the grill is still hot. For the occasional more thorough job, the grids pop out for cleaning with a soap solution or oven cleaner.

A lot of grill manufacturers claim to produce “commercial grade” products, but the PGS grills are truly commercial grade! We use 304 commercial grade stainless steel not only on the cooking grids but also on side shelves, pedestals, mounts, grill bodies, and fasteners.

The S48T is meticulously engineered to be a workhorse. It stands up to the rigors of multiple individuals and families using it day after day, week after week. It’s sturdy and it’s safe. It’s a hit with residents, and it’s a wise investment for an HOA or apartment landlord. It even has detailed features such as anti-theft knobs to ensure it will be ready to use every time a group gets the hankering for barbecue.

Gas Left On? Not with S48T Grill Timer!

What’s the biggest grill-related headache that property managers complain about? The beef we hear time and time again is that grillers forget to turn the gas off when they’re done. It’s dangerous and it wastes gas. The S48T has a built-in PGS FuelStop® 60-minute timer. It shuts off the gas after an hour of use. If you want to cook longer, it’s a simple matter of resetting the grill timer.

The timer is just one feature that makes the S48T an environment-friendly appliance. The grill also has a high-efficiency burner system that heats up in a hurry and minimizes gas use. Add to that the durable construction of the grill. It’s made from materials chosen to last, and it will spend years and years doing its job on your patio – not taking up space in a landfill.

A Grilling Investment That Will Last

Like all our T-series grills, the S48T is covered by a full one-year parts replacement warranty, even when it’s used in a commercial situation. We’re confident in offering the warranty because we’re confident of our grills. We’ve been around since 1958, the year gas grills first appeared on the scene, and we’ve been an industry leader ever since. You won’t see a finer collection of commercial-grade gas grills anywhere on the market.

When and if you do need replacement parts, we have you covered. You don’t have to worry about unreliable aftermarket parts; we have a huge inventory of OEM grill parts available for you to order.

Propane vs Natural Gas

The S48T stainless steel commercial BBQ grill is available in either a propane or a natural gas model. Both systems have their advantages, and either one may be best for you, depending on your building configuration and where you plan to deploy the grill.

The natural gas version hooks right up to your building’s natural gas supply. You may need to call on a contractor to come in and add an outdoor hookup to your existing natural gas configuration. With natural gas, you never have to worry about running out of propane. You don’t have to keep a supply of propane tanks on hand. There’s no need to constantly check the tank level when the S48T is getting heavy use during the prime grilling season. Depending on how your grill is installed, you might even get a little extra storage room where the propane tank would have been.

If your building doesn’t have gas heat, or if you don’t want to install a hookup in your grilling area, you’ll have to use propane tanks. If your grill is going to be rolled around and used in more than one spot, you may prefer propane. If people don’t like the grill on one side of the patio, you can move it to the other. The tank is housed right under the grill, which means that wherever your grill goes, its fuel source travels along with it. If you shut your grill down for the winter, you can roll it into a storage area.

There isn’t much difference as far as fuel cost and environmental concerns go, so choose the option that’s going to be most convenient for you and your residents.

Grill Mounting Options

How would you like to set up your S48T? The grill has multiple mounting options, and one of them is right for your building.

You can build it into an outdoor countertop. You may already have a countertop in the grill area. Just measure it and make sure the S48T will fit! Or you can custom-build a countertop. An artistically built-in barbecue looks gorgeous and can also raise the value of your property. It’s the centerpiece of a patio or other area that people will want to gather around.

Another option is a grill island. If you don’t want the expense and trouble of modifying your outdoor space for a built-in, this may be the best choice for you. It’s a prefabricated container specifically fitted to an S48T. It has plenty of storage and shelf space, and, like the built-in countertop, can become an attractive gathering centerpiece. Many building managers will find this a more practical option that better fits their grilling area.

If your grill is going to move around, you’ll have to use propane and a grill cart will be the answer. It’s on wheels, and it’s built for the S48T just as the island is. It’s the simplest and most space-saving way to mount a grill. The propane tank resides underneath the grill, and the cart offers storage and side shelves. It’s a self-contained unit that can be wheeled anywhere you want it! That includes rolling it to a storage spot when it’s not in use.