Multi-Family Properties Benefit from HOAs Funding Commercial Grills & Infrared Patio Heaters

With the U.S. suffering a current housing shortage of more than 3.8 units, developers have an opportunity to maximize their profits by building multi-family communities and condominiums. But in the competitive construction and property management industries, renters and condo owners demand top-tier amenities and quality of life perks. To attract good occupants with high salaries and robust credit scores, architects and planners will need to outfit communal areas with commercial grills and infrared patio heaters.

In many ways, today’s live-work model has turned conventional supply and demand economics on its ear. A housing shortage would typically drive up rents and property values with owners and builders doing little to make them anything more than average. But professionals now prefer a work-from-home lifestyle or a mix of office and offsite hours.

Rather than enduring a daily commute and tiredly whipping up dinner, people have more at-home time to enjoy cooking out and relaxing in the fresh air. Placing a higher value on grills for multi-family properties, pools, fitness centers, and outdoor heaters to extend comfortable use, savvy developers can include these upgrades and increase profitability at no cost of their own.

Benefits of Patio Grills & Outdoor Heaters

Installing patio grills and infrared heaters through common areas provides residents and property owners with both tangible and qualitative benefits. Owners experience higher real estate values and can charge a premium on rental units. That’s largely due to the following advantages multi-family community members garner from these seemingly little extras.

  • Propane and natural gas patio grills lock in the natural flavors of food.
  • Outdoor commercial grills become a focal point for neighbors to gather.
  • Community areas with patio grills are ideal for hosting birthday parties, graduations, and other parties.
  • High quality commercial grills can be accessorized with side burners, beverage centers, and infrared rotisserie burners.
  • Outdoor patio heaters extend the use of community areas into cold weather months and chilly evenings throughout the year.

It’s important for developers to keep in mind the vast majority of single-family households own patio grills. An estimated 80 percent of Canadian and 75 percent of U.S. families have patio grills and more purchase one every day. Those numbers indicate that everyday people from all walks of life place a significant value on the outdoor BBQ lifestyle. The good news for developers and property managers is that installing them could prove a lucrative proposition.

Do Infrared Patio Heaters & Commercial Grills Pay for Themselves?

Apartment of condominium revenue is expected to increase by 3.7 percent through 2023 with high profits driving the industry as it nears upwards of $80 billion. Once up and running, property management organizations and hands-on owners will be well-positioned to treat their investment into stainless steel patio grills and infrared patio heaters as a pass-through expense.

The cost of investing in commercial grills and outdoor heaters can be absorbed in apartment rents or homeowners association (HOA) fees. Savvy business leaders may also consider charging slightly higher rents and fees based on the presence of such lifestyle amenities. In other words, not only can grills for multi-family properties and infrared heaters pay for themselves, but the right products can also help improve profit margins.

What are the Best Patio Grills and Outdoor Heaters?

Whether working with an architect, construction firm, or taking the lead on a common area design, it’s crucial that decision-makers select commercial grills and outdoor heaters from a recognized industry-leading resource. AEI Corporation continues to engineer and produce durable stainless steel and cast-aluminum patio grills, as well as state-of-the-art infrared outdoor heaters. In many ways, AEI has emerged as a one-stop-shop for the top-tier models needed to re-imagine community space in apartments and condos.

Top Commercial Grills for Multi-Family Spaces

The PGS T-Series commercial grills by AEI are a preferred choice among apartment complexes and condo owners and managers. Depending on the model, these grills are constructed from stainless steel or hard-cast aluminum and can be powered by liquid propane or natural gas. If you are looking for the right patio BBQ grill to complete a common area, consider what T-Series commercial grills offer.

  • Evenly distributed heat generation ranging from 30,000 to 90,000 BTUs.
  • Direct grilling area of 330 to 960 square inches.
  • Flexible fixed-in-place mounting options including countertops and pedestal stands.
  • Portable cart mounting options with liquid propane tanks in the base.
  • Extensive parts replacement warranty.
  • Anti-theft knobs and matchless ignitions.

This line of commercial grills also includes items such as self-cleaning grates, laser-etched user instructions, 60-minute shutoff timers, and they can be outfitted with convenient accessories. It’s not unusual for developers to build in the cost of large PGS commercial grills and re-imagine common areas. Perhaps the most cost-effective way to upgrade these spaces is by using a prefabricated BBQ island with a T-Series patio grill.

Top Infrared Patio Heaters for Common Areas

When multi-family properties are in the planning phase, developers need not go on a treasure hunt to match commercial grills with infrared patio heaters to complete the outdoor area design. Along with industry-leading patio grills, AEI also puts forward lines of infrared heaters that utilize propane, natural gas, and next generation technologies. This facet allows decision-makers to select a combination of either propane grills/heaters or natural gas grills/heaters from one organization. These are patio heaters worth considering.

  • Sunglo: The Sunglo line adopts the mushroom head design and delivers three ways to install them. It can be powered by a liquid propane tank, making it portable. The infrared patio heater can also be secured by a post to leverage existing natural gas. Lastly, the recognizable mushroom head can be installed much like a chandelier to enhance outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces.
  • Sunstar: This box-shaped heater is designed to handle harsh temperatures, high winds, and severe storms. Commercial developers tend to utilize these Sunstar stainless steel models with high-temperature glass in areas that are prone to seasonal disruption.
  • Sunpak: The Sunpak box heater line can be secured to overhangs, sturdy walls, and other infrastructure. This line comes in blackout finishes that blend into ceilings or stainless steel that adds to the décor. Generating 24,000 to 35,000 BTUs, they can be strategically positioned to deliver radiant heat and leisure comfort. Like other mounted infrared patio heaters, a Sunpak system can be controlled from a panel that uses a shutoff timer.
  • Patio Comfort: This line of classic mushroom-shaped heaters ranks among the most popular. Its iconic design, circular radiant heat throw radius, and the ability to move it as needed make it an ideal model for multi-family spaces. The Patio Comfort commercial heater comes in a wide variety of finishes, and models run equally well on natural gas or liquid propane.

Commercial Grills and Infrared Heaters Deliver Profitable Solutions for Multi-Family Property Owners

The housing landscape is ripe for developers to build apartment complexes and condominiums right now. Those investments can be particularly profitable when value-added amenities such as pools, recreation centers, commercial grills, and infrared patio heaters are included. By passing along the cost of a completely built-out common area, developers and property owners can provide a premium lifestyle experience that pays for itself.