Maintaining and Cleaning Your Commercial Heaters in the Summer

When you own a commercial property, you want to ensure that your tenants are happy. This means taking care of your property. When residents visit your commercial space, like a multi-family apartment building, you provide comfort in several ways. Residents should have access to a heated space, both indoors and outdoors. Your investment in commercial heaters gives you the peace of mind that your residents will love the space in all temperatures.

Leasing or buying commercial heaters makes your business or multi-family housing properties successful. When visitors like how they feel when coming to your properties, they will likely visit more often. Repeat business is one of the factors that drive your revenues. Having natural gas heaters and propane patio heaters in your apartment buildings and other multi-family dwellings is one important way of retaining tenants. But your patio heater needs to be properly cleaned and maintained every year so you get maximum comfort over its lifetime.

Common Challenges and Problems with Commercial Heaters

Your natural gas and propane heaters are a solid investment, but they will only work efficiently with regular cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning commercial heaters when they aren't in use will ensure quality of life for long term use. This will help alleviate surprise repair bills. Cleaning and maintaining each heater helps avoid damage that can happen without regular inspections by an expert.

Ultimately, maintenance issues are a reflection of your property, and can also lead to safety concerns. To make sure you are running your commercial heaters as regulations require, periodic service is necessary.

Maximizing Commercial Heater Effectiveness & Efficiency

If you take these simple steps, your commercial heaters will operate at peak efficiency, lowering your replacement costs while making your outdoor patio comfortable even in cooler weather. Clean and maintain your commercial natural gas heaters periodically to keep them in great shape to operate during the fall and winter months. This will minimize safety hazards for guests or visitors. Visit our website for links to the owner's manual for your brand and model heaters.

Proper cleaning and maintenance procedures

  • Visually inspect the heater before each use and once a year by a qualified service person.
  • If you are near the ocean, in a dusty area, or have high humidity, or high winds, you need professional maintenance more frequently.
  • It is imperative that the control compartment, burner system, and circulating air passages of the heater be kept clean.
  • If you remove parts for cleaning or maintenance, make sure they are properly reinstalled or replaced with an OEM replacement part.
  • You can clean the post and base with soap and water, mild household cleaning products, car wax, or commercially available stainless steel cleaners.
  • Never spray the heater head with water. Use compressed air only. Commercial quality stainless steel and brass do not need any other maintenance.
  • Clear the heater head of soot and debris once a year or if the flame characteristics change.
  • Make sure all parts removed for cleaning are properly replaced before turning the heater back on.

Parts for Commercial Heater Maintenance

If you need to replace parts in your commercial heaters, AEI Corporation has everything you need. AEI stocks Patio Comfort parts, so you can order them directly from the website.

AEI stocks all of the replacement parts you need to keep your commercial patio heaters running properly. With our AEI team of support experts, you can get any question answered by experienced professionals. They will be happy to walk you through replacing a part or they can send out a service professional to replace it for you.

If you need to replace your entire heating system or a complete heater unit, you can buy these brands on the AEI website:

The Outcome: Benefits You Receive from Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your natural gas heaters properly cleaned and maintained by a qualified service person will net you several benefits.

1. Your commercial heaters will last longer.

With proper cleaning and maintenance, your heaters will work at maximum efficiency. Therefore, you will minimize wear and tear and keep your commercial heaters working longer for less money.

2. You will save money.

Proper cleaning and maintenance help you save money in two ways:

  • You will pay less for the fuel that is running the heaters. Your monthly gas or propane bill will be lower.
  • You will lengthen the lifespan of your heaters. You won't need to replace them as often.

3. Heaters will heat more evenly.

With your commercial heaters working at peak efficiency, they will emit an even flow of heat. This will help you in deciding how many heaters you need and where to place each heater. Restaurant patrons, guests, and visitors will appreciate socializing in complete comfort.

4. You will drive more revenues.

By expanding your business comfortably in an outdoor space, or by having more room to seat guests, you will be able to keep a higher number of visitors entertained, fed, and happy in your business setting.

5. You will drive more new business.

Visitors who fall in love with your comfortable business setting will tell their friends and family resulting in more new customers.

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