Integrating A Built-In Grill Is Trending Among Outdoor Space Makeovers in 2023

Outdoor living spaces appear to be a hot-trending renovation priority for 2023 and homeowners are investing in top-of-the-line grills. Aging decks and patios are expected to see major upgrades with a percentage of property owners turning them into semi-enclosed spaces. Others plan to install L-shaped outdoor barbeque grill stations, and a grill island, or replace an inefficient model with a high-quality stainless steel option. With families seeking to maximize their leisure enjoyment, these are popular renovations that center on a built-in grill.

Top Outdoor Renovations Featuring Built-In Grill Stations

When decks, patios, and verandas gain an outdoor barbecue, they immediately become useable living spaces. This means they typically improve real estate values while enhancing the peaceful enjoyment of being at home. That being said, these are ways savvy homeowners are installing top-of-the-line gas grills to their benefit.

L-Shaped Built-In Grill Station

The L-shaped outdoor kitchen design is a darling among homeowners with decks. It ranks among the more space-efficient outdoor kitchen layouts because it can be situated in a suitable deck corner. On one side, a countertop provides ample room for meal preparation. Under that countertop, convenient storage, drawers, or a beverage cooler adds to the convenience.

On the other side, a stainless steel built-in grill can hold a propane tank underneath. It can also be connected to a natural gas line if one is available. In terms of maximizing cooking opportunities, the gas grill setup can include side burners and a warming rack.

Grill Island Makes Outdoor Kitchen Cost-Effective

Hiring a mason or finished carpenter to build a center island on a deck or patio comes with a cost that not every working family has in their budget. For those who desire the convenience and visual appeal of a central cooking station, a prefabricated grill island remains an excellent solution.

The Modano outdoor barbecue grill island series accommodates an industry-leading PGS Grill. It possesses drawers, room to house a propane tank, and a countertop on either side of the built-in grill, and does not require professional assembly. The grill island can be put together in a single afternoon by a handy do-it-yourselfer and secured to the deck or patio. Selecting a pre-fab grill island, as part of the renovation, ranks among the more cost-effective home improvement strategies.

Add Built-In Grill to Semi-Enclosed Spaces

It’s important to keep in mind that top-of-the-line grills are desirable because prepared foods taste better. Grilling locks in flavors that are often lost when cooked on stoves or baked in ovens. The pure flame seals the exterior of choice cuts of beef, pork chops, chicken, and veggies. A growing number of homeowners want to enjoy delicious grilled foods without having to coordinate their opportunities with the weather.

One of the trending solutions is to either partially enclose decks and patios and add a ventilation hood. These spaces are now loosely considered verandas and require the smoke from a gas grill to be channeled away. By integrating a ventilation hood into a veranda remodel, aficionados can use their outdoor barbecue grill in the open air regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

Replace An Outdated Model with A Top of the Line Gas Grill

The average American replaces their outdoor barbeque grill about every three years. When you factor in inflation and the inconvenience of having to swap out subpar models, it seems counterproductive to repeat this cycle. A growing number of backyard barbeque enthusiasts are investing in top-of-the-line grills. In terms of transforming outdoor living spaces, the PGS Grill Legacy line appears to be the preferred choice.

Legacy PGS Grill Line Provides Remodeling Flexibility

The Legacy outdoor barbeque grill delivers what homeowners desire when remodeling decks, patios, or semi-enclosed spaces. This stainless steel PGS grill line is an attractive and highly durable product. It will not need to be replaced every three years and a Legacy model is typically the last grill a homeowner purchases. Along with reliable Made in USA quality, a Legacy gas grill comes with a no-compromise warranty. These are the Legacy gas grill options and how they make sense for outdoor living space improvements.

Newport Model Gas Grill

The Newport grill model provides 540 square inches of direct cooking area and an additional 200 square inches of warming rack space. It achieves 45,000 BTU and can be easily integrated into an L-shaped outdoor design. A Modano grill island remains suitable for semi-enclosed settings. This Legacy line series has natural gas and liquid propane grills. It also can be cart-mounted for homeowners who may need to maneuver the propane grill.

Pacifica Model Gas Grill

In terms of grilling area needs, the Pacifica offers an expansive 720 square inches of direct cooking space and a 260-square-inch warming rack. Its 67,000 BTU threshold and ceramic Moon Roks deliver optimal heat distribution and minimize flare-ups. Available for natural gas or propane installation, the Pacifica Grill is an impressive built-in grill that can accommodate large gatherings, as well as everyday family meals.

Big Sir Gas Grill

The largest PGS Grill delivers 960 square inches of primary cooking space and a warming rack that provides 355 square inches. Also fueled by natural gas or propane, Big Sir is a preferred choice for large outdoor kitchen designs and the Modano grill island, among others.

One of the key reasons homeowners are gravitating toward the Big Sir PGS Grill over others is that it comes with a 12,000 BTU infrared rotisserie burner. This amenity automatically expands menus to include whole chickens, thick cuts of beef, roasts, pineapples, and veggie kabobs. Although suitable for an L-shaped design or grill island, installing a Big Sir model in a semi-enclosed space essentially eliminates the need to prepare almost any meal indoors. That’s a game-changing reason so many homeowners are selecting the Big Sir as the last gas grill they’ll ever need to purchase.

It's important for homeowners to keep in mind that all the Legacy gas grill options can be accessorized to include side burners and an infrared rotisserie. Each PGS Grill is built to handle intense weather and comes with a lifetime warranty that covers parts.

Legacy Built-In Grill Upgrades Outdoor Living Spaces

This PGS Grill line provides the flexibility homeowners need as they rethink decks, patios, and verandas. The ability to mount a Legacy model in a grill island or part of another outdoor kitchen layout makes it a perfect solution that upgrades any grilling aficionados menu opportunities. While each fresh-air living space has its nuances, one of the Legacy gas grill options will make a perfect upgrade.