Infrared Patio Heaters by INFRATECH: Setting the Standard for Power, Style, & Safety

As the summer begins to wind down, and Fall begins to display its cool and windy demeanor, electric infrared patio heaters are keeping residents and patrons warm on patios all across North America. Infrared electric heaters are the ideal way to heat any space whether it's for a private residence, shared rental living spaces, a restaurant patio, hospital waiting area, or wherever you need some extra heat. Here at AEI, we offer propane, natural gas, and electric heaters, as well as propane and natural gas BBQ grills and equipment. All of these fuel/energy sources are efficient, powerful, and safe when used responsibly. But here, we will discuss the many advantages and special use cases of infrared outdoor electric heaters.

Patio Heating With Electric Heaters

Electricity is an excellent power source for patio heaters. Just like propane and natural gas, it is cheap, eco-friendly, and readily available. All infrared electric patio heaters are box-shaped. This means that they will project their heat in a wide fan or arc in the direction they are pointed. This gives you the valuable benefit of being able to plan and predict the zone of effect that you want to heat.

Because all electric patio heaters are infrared heaters, they safely emit infrared heat. This dramatically reduces the dangers associated with flame and heaters that elevate the temperature of an exposed heating element to dangerous “red-hot” levels. With infrared, it is much more difficult to burn one's self by accidentally coming into contact with the heat-emitting face of the device. Certainly, caution is called for as persons and objects can be overheated if they are too close to the heat-emitting face for too long. But the amount of time it takes to reach unsafe temperatures gives you much more warning before an accident or injury can occur.

Infratech goes the extra mile to build safety into their home and restaurant patio heaters. Their heaters are designed to be installed up and out of the way of pets, children, and other traffic. Not only are their heaters safer by design, but they are always mounted in an optimally safe location.

The Advantages of Electric Heat

Because electricity is almost universally available, outdoor electric heaters are almost always going to be a viable option for patio heating. Conversely, some properties lack access to natural gas, making natural gas-powered heaters impractical. In most towns and cities, propane is readily available for purchase. But if it is not, or if you run out of propane after business hours, a propane-powered heater will cease to function. With electric-powered heaters, problems like these will rarely arise.

Electric infrared heaters are an excellent choice to heat any outdoor patio space such as outdoor seating for restaurants or bars, valet waiting areas for hotels, poolside areas and clubhouses at apartments, or residential patios to make the homeowner more comfortable in an outdoor space. To produce infrared heat, the heater electrifies a rod-shaped heating element made of quartz which then emits safe infrared rays. The quartz heating element is well protected and the heating units will be installed up and out of the way of traffic, children, pets, furniture, and other things that should not be exposed to excessive heat.

Quartz heaters are extremely efficient, environmentally friendly, and have a longer operational lifespan than other devices designed to provide supplemental heat. Infrared light is a form of ordinary light, but it comes from the far-red end of the visible spectrum. This form of light is not visible to the human eye, but it produces heat in the same way as ordinary light. The heated quartz rod does not emit microwave radiation or particles. Rather it heats the surrounding environment by emitting infrared light from the heated quartz rod. Therefore, it is entirely safe for everyday use.

Electric infrared heaters come in a wide range of sizes and power ratings. We carry single and dual element heaters, with 1 or 2 rods, fitted with a range of power settings. Choose between single or dual element and power output levels. Pick the color and finish that best suits your interior décor. We have more than 50 unique electric models to choose from. We will always have the exact heater to best fit your needs.

Mounting Electric Patio Heaters

Over the years of research and development, we've developed optimal methods of mounting, positioning and securing our single and dual-element heaters. Our infrared electric box-heaters are mounted overhead and pointed directly downward or at an angle. They are connected directly to the electrical system of the buildings in which they are used. Smaller, less powerful heaters made by less reputable companies are made to plug into an electrical outlet. These smaller, cheaper units create a significant fire hazard and are more likely to be accidentally damaged or tampered with.

Our electric infrared box heaters can be mounted on a wall or the eves of a building and angled down toward your patio, seating space, or other areas as desired. This renders them safe and secure with a protected and robust electrical connection that will not become damaged by normal use. In some cases, they may be attached to a sturdy fence or pole. This could be a viable option should you need to heat a patio space with no sufficiently sturdy structures close by. This may be a reasonable use case in a work area or outdoor location. When mounted this way, users should take special care to protect the units from weather and tampering. Using a flush mounting kit; some electric heater models can be inset installed to be flush with a wall or ceiling so that the body of the unit is almost entirely hidden from view and collisions.

Infratech Patio Heater’s Robust Control Capabilities

One of the greatest advantages of electric heaters is the wide range of control capabilities and options. Infratech is the only electric infrared heater manufacturer that meets and exceeds AEI’s rigorous standards of safety and quality. For this reason, AEI carries Infratech heaters to the exclusion of all other brands. Infratech has raised the industry standard for quality, safety, and reliability to a new level.

Electric infrared heaters offer more options for control than heaters that run on liquid propane or natural gas. This is due to the simple, reliable, and safe power delivery. Liquid propane and natural gas require rigid power delivery systems that must be maintained and inspected. While they can be of high quality, powerful, and reliable, they cannot deliver as wide a range of options for heat delivery.

Electric Infrared Heater Control Capabilities & Options Include:

  • Simple ON/OFF switches for the most straightforward control
  • Duplex or stack switches for controlling multiple heaters and heating elements
  • ING input regulators allow you to select how much heat your heater will emit, giving you significantly more control

Our more advanced heater control solutions are compatible with the latest digital home management systems. These include universal control panels and solid-state packages. These give the user maximum control of the outdoor heating of your property. They make it possible to control heaters by zone. They enable the user to schedule heater activity on automatic timers. Heater scheduling management lets you pre-program activation and deactivation times while also regulating output levels during automated operation.

Our advanced control systems are Bluetooth capable and can be managed using a mobile app. By connecting your heaters to a “smart home” management system such as Google Nest, you can pre-program, manage, monitor, and control the activity of multiple electric infrared heaters in various locations outdoors. Use these sophisticated control systems to heat the home when you are present, to save energy while you are away. Preheat a space before you arrive, and deactivate any heater remotely at any time or place.

Imagine you have gone on a winter vacation, visiting friends and family. Should a caretaker, pet sitter, service technician, or other trusted persons need to enter your home, you can warm the place up for them before they arrive and deactivate the system after they leave.

Infrared Heater Made in USA

Are you looking for a new and simpler solution for your patio heating needs? Consider Infratech for all your heating needs. When it comes to electric Infrared heating, Infratech is the AEI's first and only choice!