Hotels Stepping Their Game Up With Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor Heaters Used In Hotels

As the owner or manager of a hotel or resort, you, of course, want your guests to be as comfortable as possible. During the warmer months of the year, it's not uncommon for guests to gather outside and use the hotel's outdoor grills. What amenities do you offer your guests to take advantage of during the cooler months, though? Have you provided them with any outside activity options? If not, you should consider extending the warmer season activities with portable heaters

Portable heaters from AEI provide an excellent and safe way to keep your guests warm when the temperature is cool. Please keep in mind that outdoor heaters don't raise the temperature outside. Instead, they provide a bit of warmth to help make the outdoors more enjoyable when there is a chill in the air. Below is a quick look at the pros and cons of installed and portable outdoor heaters.

Installed Heaters

Pros: These heaters are securely fixed to the ground, wall. or ceiling using a hard gas line. You won't have to worry about guests bumping into them and turning them over. If you opt for an installed heater that operates on electricity, you will either: enjoy a very inexpensive installation cost (where you simply mount it to the ground or wall and plug it in, and it's ready), or enjoy a subtle aesthetic of mounting your heaters flush with your wall/ceiling(this usually requires professional installation). 

Cons: You can't move installed heaters to other locations. Where you install them is where they must stay. 

Portable Heaters

Pros: Since portable heaters are not mounted to the ground or wall, they come with inexpensive installation costs. You can easily move them around, which simplifies your ability to redirect heat to the areas your guests need it the most. 

Cons: Portable heaters that run on propane still need to have their tanks replaced on a frequent basis; this can become costly. They should not be used in outdoor areas that are covered. If the heater is operating on natural gas, you may not have many options in regards to relocation because of where the natural gas line is. 

Understanding Patio Heater Options

Once you decide to improve your guests' stay by adding outdoor heaters to the hotel property, you'll then need to choose which type you want to invest in. Most patio heaters are powered in one of two ways:

  • Fuel; natural or propane gas
  • A heating element that uses electricity

You can also choose portable heaters based on their standing and mounting features. There are three basic types to choose from:

  • Freestanding heaters
  • Wall-mounted heaters
  • Tabletop patio heaters

The most popular type of outdoor patio heater is the freestanding version. These heaters are commonly fueled by propane, but if you prefer natural gas or electricity as a power source, AEI provides these types of outdoor heaters for hotels and resorts to choose from. A freestanding heater is ideal for outdoor areas because it can be installed just about anywhere on the ground with a level surface.

The heater will come with a base; this is where the propane is stored (if it's a propane patio heater). The base is also the part of the heater that keeps the unit stable. Also connected to the heater is a pole, which serves the purpose of pushing the heat upward. Connected to the pole is a reflector; this minimizes heat loss by pushing the rising heat back down and outward; this maximizes the amount of area the heater provides warmth too. Many freestanding heaters have adjustable reflectors, easily allowing you to direct the flow of heat to a specific area. Another way to add warmth to a specific area is to make sure you are using a heater with infrared technology, which efficiently heats an area instead of heating the air, which is often uncontrollable outdoors. Infratech heaters are efficient and inexpensive commercial heaters.

Tabletop and wall-mounted heaters are much like freestanding heaters except they are actually mounted to a surface. Most times, these heaters are also much smaller than their freestanding counterparts. Tabletop patio heaters are especially ideal for outdoor areas where there are picnic tables for guests to socialize. These heaters make for great centerpieces and can be fueled by propane or electricity. 

Wall-mounted patio heaters are beneficial because they allow you to add warmth to the chilly outdoor area without taking up any floor space. This helps ensure the heater is not accidentally bumped into or turned over. In smaller patio areas where there is no room for a freestanding heater, a wall-mounted one can serve as the perfect solution. The Sunglo model PSA 265 is a great outdoor heater that can be mounted on the floor and should be installed in patio areas that do not have a covered ceiling. Installing them on the outside of a pergola would make for an excellent choice. For covered settings, the Sunglo model A2444 is an excellent option, which can easily be mounted to the wall or suspended in the air. 

Adding Comfort and Warmth to Your Hotel and Resort

hotel entrance

Installing outdoor heaters can add a warming ambiance to many parts of your hotel and resort. When considering where to install them, you should take into account where your guests spend most of their time outdoors. For example, valet waiting areas are common places where guests spend several minutes outside waiting on their vehicles. Installing an outdoor heater in this area will not only add warmth for your guests but for your valet drivers as well. The outdoor area leading up to your lobby is another space you will want to preserve a warm and welcoming atmosphere; a patio comfort heater is a perfect solution. This type of heater is available in a variety of colors, and you can choose between one that is powered by propane, electric, or natural gas. Other areas that will benefit from outdoor heaters are pool areas, BBQ areas, and any place that your hotel provides patio seating.