Homeowners Gain Quality of Life Benefits from Stainless Steel BBQ Grill

There are two types of family chefs. Those who have a high-quality stainless steel BBQ grill and those wish they had one. If you have an outdated or — heaven forbid — are still using charcoal, it’s time to up your game with an outdoor patio grill that can be deftly accessorized to expand your menu options. If the idea of selecting a distinctive portable or permanent grilling station in your backyard has not been persuasive in the past, consider the difference an outdoor gas grill will make in your life going forward.

Benefits of Owning a Stainless Steel BBQ Grill

The primary reasons that an outdoor patio grill can improve your quality of life may best be considered by putting them into two groups — social and culinary.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to overlook some of the ways that an outdoor patio grill improves your life socially. When you enhance your deck or patio with a high-quality grill, it becomes more of a focal point for family, friends, and neighbors to gather. The smell of delicious foods and the ability to grill a wide range of mouth-watering delights tends to attract company like a magnet.

Sitting outdoors in the fresh air or star-filled sky elevates the personal interactions we have with others. Time spent changes from boring chips and dip at the dinner table to a memorable experience. With a high-quality stainless steel BBQ grill, you also gain the ability to host birthday parties, graduations, and family gatherings with ease. More than a few families have moved holidays such as Thanksgiving into the fresh air with the help of a fully accessorized outdoor patio grill. Along with an enhanced social experience, there are proven culinary health benefits to owning a stainless steel gas grill. These include the following.

  • Eat Less Fat: Grilling tends to cause the excess fat of a choice cut of meat to drip through the grates. When cooking on a stove with a frying pan, the meat sits in the drippings. Simply put, using an outdoor patio grill is a healthier option.
  • Nutrient Retention in Meats: Cooking select meats on an open flame helps preserve the riboflavin and thiamine, among other nutrients. These are often reduced or lost in other cooking methods.
  • Less Butter: The saying that “everything is better with butter” does not apply to cholesterol levels. Unlike kitchen frying, an outdoor grilling master does not need to add butter to enhance a food’s flavor.
  • Better Vegetables: Grilling delivers two critical benefits to vegetable preparation. First, it locks in the vital vitamins and minerals. Second, grilling improves flavor because vegetables do not experience water loss common in boiling, steaming, or pan-frying.

Whether you are preparing a quick meal for your immediate family or hosting a party, a stainless steel BBQ grill remains a fast and efficient resource for expansive menu options. The obvious quality of life benefits makes the investment worthwhile. However, homeowners are wise to consider whether a stainless steel natural gas grill or portable propane grill best further your quality of life goals.

Benefits of Liquid Propane Grills

When deciding whether to work with liquid propane or natural gas grill, it’s essential to understand that the differences are more far-reaching than just the fuel source. One of the foundational differences is that the propane tanks housed out of sight in the bases of many models make usually makes them moveable. A portable propane grill provides the following unique benefits.

  • Propane Tanks are Easily Swapped Out
  • Propane Ranks Among the Most Common Fuel Sources
  • Propane is More Cost-Effective than Cooking on an Electric Stove
  • Portable Propane Grill with Wheels Enjoys Mobility
  • Portable Propane Grill Allows Homeowners to Reconfigure Leisure Space

In areas that are prone to intense winter weather and severe storms, many homeowners enjoy the ability to store the outdoor patio grill out of harm’s way. It’s also important to note that not all propane grills are necessarily portable. Homeowners have the option of installing permanent grills that run on propane. This can include housing a liquid propane tank or running a fixed line to the stainless steel BBQ grill.

Benefits of Natural Gas Grills

By contrast, using natural gas is generally restricted to permanent grills. The reason for this is that a stainless steel natural gas grill requires a gas line to be run to the unit and therefore, cannot be moved. These models are built-in or permanently fixed in some fashion. Any movement would likely cause a risky gas leak. But a properly installed stainless steel natural gas grill delivers benefits that make them attractive options for homeowners. These include the following.

  • Natural Gas Ranks Among the Most Cost-Effective Fuel Sources
  • Natural Gas Does Not Require Swapping Out Tanks
  • Natural Gas Permanent Grills Increase Property Values
  • Natural Gas Permanent Grills can be Accessorized into Full Outdoor Kitchens
  • Natural Gas Permanent Grills can be Pedestal Mounted to Free-Up Leisure Space

Perhaps the most significant benefit of selecting a high-quality stainless steel BBQ grill fueled by natural gas is that it lends itself to a greater outdoor layout. The trend to improve the use of outdoor spaces has many homeowners inserting a permanent natural gas grill as the centerpiece in a full outdoor dining space. The next generation PGS outdoor gas grills, for example, can be outfitted with accessories such as infrared rotisserie units, smokers, shut-off timers, and many other cooking conveniences.

Outside the grilling unit itself, homeowners are turning partially covered verandas, backyard decks, and patios into veritable eat-in kitchens. Increased storage space and built-in coolers are now part and parcel of the outdoor grilling trend. Couple that aspect with the fact that your outdoor space investment was designed to deliver a quality of life benefits in the first place, and it makes good sense to complete that vision.

Choose the Outdoor Patio Grill that Meets Your Quality of Life Needs

Hopefully, this overview of the distinct benefits an outdoor gas grill can deliver proves useful in selecting a model that fits into your lifestyle. If you choose a quality unit that can be accessorized as your grilling enthusiasm grows, you cannot go wrong with a propane or natural gas model. The PGS line ranks among the industry-leading products and delivers a wide range of accessories.