Holiday Recipe for PrimeRib Roast on a Grill Rotisserie

The holiday season is a very exciting and memorable time that will allow you to celebrate and enjoy the season with family and friends. When you are getting ready for the holidays, one great option would be to entertain your friends with a delicious meal. During the holidays, one meal that all people will love is a prime rib roast that is cooked on your very own grill with rotisserie. Anyone can cook a delicious prime rib roast by following this simple recipe:

Gather Ingredients

The first thing that you need to do is gather the ingredients for your roast. The most important item to consider is the size of the roast that you want to buy. This will depend largely on the size of your party. Ideally, you should get a roast that weighs around three-quarters of a pound to one full pound per person. However, this will vary based on how much food certain guests typically eat. Beyond the prime rib roast, you should also gather 1/4 cup of kosher salt, two tablespoons of garlic powder, and two tablespoons coarse, cracked pepper. You should also have some olive oil handly.


  • Prime Rib Roast - roughly 3/4 - 1lbs per person
  • 1/4 cup of kosher salt
  • 2 Tbsp of garlic powder
  • 2 Tbsp coarsely cracked pepper
  • Olive oil


Instructions for Preparation:

Once you have gathered all of the ingredients, you should mix all of the spices together in a spice bowl. It is important to ensure that the spices are evenly mixed, which will ensure a consistent taste and crust across the roast.
Remove your prime rib roast from the refrigerator and place it on a plate. You should then generously cover it with olive oil, which will add additional flavor and allow all of the seasoning and spices to stick to the roast. You will then want to rub the spices all over the roast.
Allow the roast to sit for at least 30 minutes before you place it on the grill, which will allow it to acclimate to room temperature. This will help to assist the roast in grilling and cooking on a more even and consistent basis, which will greatly improve your final product.

Prepare the Grill and Rotisserie

Another important consideration is to prepare for rotisserie PGS Grill for use. This may include removing the grill grates. You should then preheat the grill to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the grill has reached its desired temperature, and the prime rib has sat for 30 minutes, you should place it on the rotisserie and close the grill.

Grilling the Prime Rib

In most situations, it will take around four hours for prime rib roast to grill and cook on your PGS Grill. However, you should continue to check on it from time to time. Starting at about two hours, you should start to monitor the temperature of the prime rib roast. The ideal internal center of the roast is about 130 degrees Fahrenheit, although you will want it a bit warner depending on how well done your party likes their red meat.

Settle and Slice

Once the roast reaches 130-140 degrees on the inside, you will want to take it off of the rotisserie grill and bring it inside to settle to room temperature. After spending up to four hours on a rotisserie grill, it will start to get very juicy; however, you need to allow these juices to soak in before slicing fully. This normally means allowing the roast to settle for about 15 minutes before slicing. Once it is ready to slice, you should cut pieces that are around one-half inch in width. These slices can then be placed on a guest's plate and can be enjoyed immediately.

Sides to Consider

A prime rib roast will always be a delicious meal. However, to maximize the experience, you will want to add some additional side items to the meal as well. One item that you always need to have with a prime rib is some horseradish sauce. This can be easily made at home by mixing some mayo, dijon mustard, sour cream, and horseradish. This will give a spicy sauce that can top your prime rib roast.
There are also a variety of other sides that people will enjoy. Many people love to have some grilled vegetables along with their prime rib. Some great options can include grilled asparagus or broccoli, which can be easily grilled using a side grill on your PGS grill while using the salt and olive oil that you already purchased for the prime rib.

Make the Meal Memorable

While creating a rotisserie prime rib roast will allow for an amazing meal, you should also focus on making the meal memorable for all of your guests. One great way to do this is by creating a nice ambiance. If you live in an area with warmer weather, this could mean creating a beautiful outdoor dining space filled with holiday decorations and unique lights. If it is colder where you live, you could make it more comfortable with the use of portable propane heaters, which can be placed strategically to keep you and your guests comfortable.
Any holiday meal or party will include a lot of people that have different traditions and personal favorites when it comes to food, music, and other forms of entertainment. It is important to consider all of these factors when looking for a way to make a memorable experience for you and all of your guests.