Heat Your Smart Home with Infratech Heaters

One of the hottest trends in home improvement is to turn your home into a smart home. This can be done in increments to gradually integrate more components as they become available. Many people start simply with small changes, like adding smart light bulbs. It's so convenient to use your phone to turn things on and off, as well as turn lights up and down, especially when you're coming home late.

Another easy addition to your smart home is smart heating from Infratech. In colder weather, you can heat your house before you get home or nudge the temperature higher or lower with Infratech's mobile app. These heaters can be used outside your house or your patio space, and they can also be used to heat some enclosed spaces like garages with enough space to follow minimum distances from combustibles. Just think how convenient it will be to start warming up your patio before the guests arrive with the touch of a button on your mobile device. Setting up smart Infratech heaters offers one more way to make your days easier and more comfortable.

These infrared patio heaters do much more than heat your patio. Box heaters, available in numerous sizes, can be used outdoors. They can adapt well to many settings and are ideal for an outdoor workspace or shed a garage of any size, and a patio or other outdoor kitchen. They heat up quickly and begin emitting heat right away. There is no wait time for feeling the heat, like in some other types of heaters.

Using smart technology in your home to control your heating makes using Infratech's heating system enjoyable and fun.

Problems with Heating Your Home Digitally

Smart devices make it more convenient to get things done at home, and making smart homes as user-friendly as possible is taking the industry by storm. That's because people are learning how much digital controls help them save time. It's no wonder that most homes are going digital. But it's hard to find patio heaters that will integrate smoothly into a smart home system.

For instance, you may find that you have to fiddle with the settings to get heaters adjusted correctly. Or the available smart heating systems are too big for the area you want to heat. There's no need to overheat your spaces, and the right size heater can save you money. That is why Infratech's heaters and control systems make operating your heaters easy and intuitive.

Smart Businesses with Efficient Patio Heaters

Businesses can also use smart devices for easier controls and convenience. When you walk into the business at the start of the day, digital controls make it so easy to turn on all of your appliances and devices from your smartphone. Other issues businesses face with heating systems and controls for businesses include:

  • The number of heaters it takes to heat a large patio area
  • How to heat multiple outdoor areas efficiently
  • Whether it's difficult or impossible to turn heaters on and off individually
  • How much customization is possible for your business

Smart Heating Solutions from Infratech

The solution to outdoor heating issues is to use an infrared patio heater. Infratech offers several sized infrared heaters that can be used to heat indoor and outdoor spaces. These areas can include the garage, enclosed patio, outdoor open patio, work room, and next to your pool. When you are entertaining outside for friends or spending a romantic evening for two on your deck, Infratech's heaters are ideal.

With these efficient heaters, you can pair a variety of control systems which range from simple on/off switches to a very advanced universal control panel. You can be in control at the perfect level just for your individual situation. This smart heating system can be integrated with your other smart objects at home or in your small business. Having a comfortable work environment improves morale and offers an inviting space for customers to visit.

Heaters and Controllers from Infratech

Infratech Patio Heaters are all electric box heaters and come in a multitude of models, sizes, designs, and control options. Available control options include ON/OFF switches, duplex/stack switches, temperature input regulators, solid-state control packages, home management systems, and universal control panels

What heater control system will work for you, will depend on lots of factors like how many heaters you'll have, your patio size, your layout, and more. We offer simple control solutions like ON/OFF switches, duplex switches(2-4 ON/OFF switches on one terminal), and INF input regulators (temperature dial) which are great for a few heaters or less. We have more complex control solutions like solid-state control packages, home management systems, and universal control panels for larger patios with multiple heaters to control all/some heaters from one panel/device and setup automation.  

Infratech Controllers

Infratech heaters come with a variety of compatible controllers with features such as:

  • Set timers
  • Controls for multiple heaters at once
  • Linking multiple heaters to one control panel
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Adjustable heater intensity
  • Customizable heat settings
  • Can be set to the homeowner's preferences

Look for the optimal Infratech controller for your space and needs. Choose any of these controllers to get the features you want. They truly put you in control of all of the features you have available in your Infratech heaters.

Consider how and where you will be using the heating system, and which type of controller makes sense for your setting. It is helpful to think about all the ways that you use a space before you buy a new heater. This helps you determine the best Infratech heater for your space and usage.

The Outcome

When you install an Infratech Infrared Heater and a Smart Controller, you can take control of your comfort on your patio, garage, poolside seating, or any other outdoor location you choose. You can find the right-sized box heater for your space. You will have the energy efficiency of electric infrared heat with a personalized controller for your heating needs. These work well in a small business, too. You can heat a patio area for your business, warehouse offices, work areas, and any other space that needs to be kept at a comfortable temperature for employees and customers.

With a smart control panel, you can control every feature you want at the touch of a smartphone app. Friends, family, and coworkers will be impressed with how comfortable infrared heaters make your patio space or office. They will be amazed at how easy it is to control your heating system. You can control your heaters from any room in your home, so you don't have to get up every time you want to adjust the temperature.

On cold nights, you can use your smartphone or tablet to turn up your heat before you go home. When you arrive, your home will be warm and ready for an evening of relaxation.