Grilling with AEI Grills

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Grilling is always an enjoyable way to cook, especially during the summer months. While there are many ways to do your grilling, gas grilling remains the most popular and convenient. This is because gas grills are very affordable to run, but there are other advantages to using gas-powered grills as well.

Quick starting

Possibly the best advantage of gas grills is the fact that, with the piezo match-free lighter, they start almost as easily as a conventional indoor oven. Gas grills can be fired up easily within minutes with a turn of the valve and the click of an igniter. After only about ten minutes, your grill will be warmed up and ready to start cooking. That’s about the same amount of time it takes for an indoor oven to heat up. The ease with which a gas grill can be started up is possibly the biggest reason so many people prefer gas over charcoal grills.

AEI FuelStop 60-Minute Grill Timer

Even with the many advantages that gas grills offer, most models still come with the risk of wasting fuel, as well as other problems that can arise from leaving a gas grill running. During a BBQ, leaving a grill on can be easy to do with all the distractions. AEI Grills’ FuelStop 60-minute timer ensures you do not waste valuable fuel or expose yourself or your loved ones to the possibility of gas inhalation.

Greater Temperature Control

With gas grills, changing and maintaining the desired temperature can be accomplished with the simple turn of a dial. It is much more difficult to control the temperature in a charcoal grill. Changing the temperature in a charcoal grill takes much longer, and your food can easily get burned or turn cold long before you can effectively get the temperature right. Even the most experienced backyard grill master will appreciate the convenience of a gas grill.

Cheaper than the Alternatives

Due to their popularity, the affordability of fuel, and advanced manufacturing technology, gas grills offer the most affordable way to do your backyard grilling. The average sized tank can run for as long as 20 hours before you will need to replace or refill it. While high-end gas grills can be a bit pricey, you will not have to break into your savings account to take home a high-quality grill that will serve you well for years to come.

AEI Grills offers a wide range of stainless and standard grills. Our grills are ideal for any occasion, whether it’s cooking for a gathering, dinner party or Fourth of July celebration.