Grill Replacement Parts for Propane Patio Grills

A top-quality propane patio grill is a ticket to a lifetime of outdoor cooking enjoyment. It’s worth your while to get a good one. PGS patio grills have been around for over 40 years, provide a superb cooking experience and offer a lifetime warranty on many of the grill components. Even the best grills, however, contain parts that will inevitably wear out. That’s why PGS is serious about support. We maintain an ongoing inventory of first-rate grill replacement parts specifically designed for our grills.

When you have a grill that’s built to last and a reliable source of replacement components, you can host your patio barbecue with assurance. You know you’ll be able to fire up that cooker with confidence year after year.

Versatile Propane Patio Grills

The portable propane grill is probably the most loved and coveted residential grill in America today. There are a number of good reasons for that they are found at homes and apartment complexes throughout North America.

For starters, LP grills can be portable. They can carry their fuel around with them, in a propane tank housed underneath the burners. You don’t have to hook them up to a natural gas line.

Often patio grills are on wheels. PGS residential patio grill are available with a made-to-fit cart on heavy-duty casters. Do your cooking wherever you like: you can wheel it anywhere on your deck or patio. Or move it to make room for a different table and chair arrangement. You can roll it into a shed or garage when it’s not in use.

On the other hand, a patio grill is portable only if you want it to be. If you prefer, you might build it into an outdoor countertop. You might install it on a stationary cart. For some PGS grills, you can order an outdoor grill island that fits perfectly and offers an extended cooking station with plenty of storage and countertop space.

An outdoor patio grill doesn’t even have to run on propane. PGS grills are offered in both LP and natural gas versions. A natural gas grill can’t be portable, of course, because it has to hook up to a gas line from your home. But natural gas has its own advantages. The fuel supply is always there and ready to go, since NG is piped directly into your grill.

Which is better, propane or natural gas? Each has its pluses, and it’s a matter of personal choice. The two options are about equal in terms of cost and environmental footprint. When you compare them to other options such as charcoal, however, they’re a clear number one and number two. Which is number one for you? Take your pick.

Durable PGS Patio Grills

When you buy a PGS patio grill, you’re getting one of the most reliable cooking appliances on the market today. Our grills aren’t just for backyards. There are thousands installed in apartment common areas and commercial outdoor cooking areas in restaurants, golf clubs, and sailing clubs. The same painstaking quality goes into the propane grill you wheel onto your patio.

These grills focus on the cooking basics rather than flashy bells and whistles. We build a grill that’s easy for the novice to operate yet has enough flexibility to support the advanced grillmaster. Safety with durability and quality is our calling card.

These grills have it all: stainless steel components, heavy-duty burners, ever-ready battery ignition, and unique grill spacing that prevents food from falling through the cooking grid. They’re recommended for everyone from the casual summer outdoor barbecue host to the professional chef.

Replacement Parts for a Lifetime of Grilling

The PGS grill warranty is among the best in the industry. Parts such as burners and cooking grids, along with other major components, are protected by full-year warranties and life warranties.

However, it’s in the nature of grills that some parts will wear out. With a PGS grill, you have a source of quality replacement parts when you need them. There’s an extensive inventory of grill parts for both our residential and commercial cookers, including A-Series, T-Series, and Legacy Series grills. It’s just a matter of looking up the name or part number on our parts replacement website.

PGS is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of these parts, so there’s never a question of craftsmanship or whether they will work properly in PGS grills. The parts inventory includes not only replacement parts but also add-on items such as grill covers.

Here are some of the parts you can order from the PGS inventory web pages.

Commonly Replaced External Parts

  • Control panel labels. If your label wears or tears, replace it with the correct one for your model. Keep the lighting and safety instructions right there on the front of the grill. There are replacement PGS logo plates as well.
  • Handles. Inventory includes not only handles but also handle brackets and spacers.
  • Knobs. Both the main control knobs and the rotisseries knob, as well as knob bezels and the specialized timer knob.
  • Ignition buttons and modules. There are entire ignition modules as well as ignition modules parts such as rubber boots, rings, and caps.
  • Thermometers. Once you’ve grilled with a thermometer, it’s hard to go back to cooking without one. You never have to wonder what the temperature is inside your grill.
  • Grill covers. Heavy-duty black vinyl covers are customized to fit any of the PGS installation options. That includes portable and pedestal mount installations as well as a grill built into masonry.
  • Other small hardware. For example, bumper lids and miscellaneous screws.

Commonly Replaced Internal Parts

  • Ignitors and electrodes. This includes complete ignition collector boxes with their electrodes and wiring. Also electrodes with various wire lengths for main burners, side burners, and rotisseries burners.
  • Gas valves. Both natural gas and LP gas valve assemblies for main burners, side burners, and rotisseries burners.
  • Gas regulators and fuel hoses. Both natural gas and LP gas regulators. Available with and without hoses, some with fittings and flex lines. Also regulators for the time series.
  • Cooking grates and grids. Including the “Flip Baffle” rock grate, the rock grate for MoonRok, and the rock grate stainless steel plate. Cooking grids are sized to all of our grills with our special spacing that prevents food from falling through. Also warming racks for all models.
  • Burners and burner assembly kits. Stainless steel burners and burner assemblies for all models. These burners can be used with either natural gas or propane models.
  • “Moon Rok” grill briquettes. The exclusive ceramic MoonRok ensures even heat everywhere on the cooking surface and prevents flare-ups. Available in packages of 56 and 84 Roks.
  • Other small hardware. Such as grate pin supports and screws.