Grill Features That Make Cooking Outdoor Easy

Barbecuing has evolved!

Every year technology advances all aspects of our society, and barbecue grills are no exception. Cooking has become exponentially easier for everyone in the last century. The cooking appliances humans have invented have streamlined the cooking process, and we’re still improving! Take a look at some of the features added to PGS grills that make barbecuing easier than ever before.

Grill Features

FuelStop® 60 Min Gas Timer Shutoff

One of the simplest yet most valuable features added to outdoor gas barbecues. Just as its name says, the grill timer will shut off the gas supply to the grill after 60 minutes of continuous use. Our outdoor grills are very safe when used properly; PGS added the gas shutoff timer to their barbecues to improve safety even further and reduce fuel waste. Gas grills should always be operated under adult supervision, but adults still make mistakes of course; the gas shut off timer can prevent an accident from occurring.

gas shutoff timers for commercial grills

The much more common problem the gas shutoff timer solves is preventing fuel from being wasted. Too frequently, guests will accidentally forget to turn off the burners once they’re done cooking. While an unsupervised burner can be dangerous, it will likely just keep burning till the next user comes along. A burner being left on all night is a colossal waste of fuel.

So, while safety was the main motivation for adding the FuelStop® gas shutoff timers, preventing fuel waste is their most visible benefit. They are also an added convenience for your guests and residents. They can be used to monitor their cooking time. The grill timer can be utilized to make sure foods don’t cook longer than desired. You can set the grill timer to your needed cooking time, and rest easy knowing that you won’t overcook your food.

Piezo match free ignition

We use a piezo ignition system to light your grill; which is far better than using matches or handheld lighters to start your barbecue. Our piezo match free igniter creates a spark without fuel or an external electrical supply. When you push the “light” button, you apply mechanical pressure on a material(usually quartz) that releases an internal electric charge; which ignites the gas of your grill. 

To turn on your grill, you push a button instead of: messing around with matches, lighters, burnt fingers and/or singed eyebrows.

It’s a pretty straight forward feature, but it’s worth mentioning that piezoelectricity technology has much more advanced and interesting uses, besides lighting grills easily. Like ultrasound equipment, microphones, record players, quartz watches, inkjet printers, and much more. 

ceramic grill bricks - Moon Rok

Moon Rok, Ceramic Grill Rocks

PGS developed 100% porcelain ceramic grill rocks(are actually shaped like hockey pucks), that can be used on any PGS grill, and most other grills as well. These grill rocks/bricks offer stable grilling temperature over your entire grilling surface. So you don’t have to move food around on your grill so that it cooks easily. The Moon Rok briquettes also let your meats retain their flavor longer, and they save fuel because they cause they make your grill heat effectively. The ceramic bricks can be flipped every month or so for self-cleaning.

BTUs - Heat Output

A British Thermal Unit, or BTU for short, is a measured energy. In grilling terms, BTUs are measuring how much heat is produced by all available burners over an hour of time.

Just like horsepower isn’t the most important factor when purchasing a car. BTUs aren't the most important factor when purchasing a grill. It’s true, you don’t want a grill that will underperform for your needs, especially in a commercial setting; but high-quality materials and grill construction will always be more important factors to consider than heat output alone.

For example, a poorly made grill might need a higher BTU to cook at the same temperature of a higher quality grill. Producing more BTUs requires more fuel, so a poorly made grill will actually cost more fuel to produce the same results of a PGS grill.

Rotisserie Options

Enhance the cooking option available to your guests and residents by choosing a grill that is compatible with a rotisserie spit. Rotisserie cooking has been around for hundreds of years, and the concept is the same on PGS grills. After preparing your food for rotisserie cooking, you skewer your meat on the spit and place it on the rotisserie notches in the lid of the grill. Your grill should be preheated to your desired temperature.

Besides roasting large items like a full chicken or turkey, you can rotisserie cook smaller items and/or vegetables with our rotisserie baskets. The enclosed wire mesh baskets attach to the rotisserie spit to suspend them, just like a normal rotisserie. You can also rotate the items in the rotisserie baskets while they cook. The ability to rotisserie cook and barbecue on the same grill really expands your potential.

Lifetime Warranties

Not exactly a technology, warranties are great; and lifetime warranties are even better. AEI backs a lifetime warranty on many major components of any PGS grill. We do this because we truly believe in our simple mission: to supply the perfect cooking equipment to homes and businesses alike. To accomplish our mission, and produce the perfect grills; we had to adhere to strict quality standards when making our grills, and use the highest quality materials available. But our passion doesn’t stop there, we back the most important components of our grills with a warranty that never expires.

Replacement Parts for Grills

Normal wear and tear is inevitable for any appliance, especially ones that are used frequently. If any parts of your grill are damaged, and are not covered under warranty, you can order replacement parts for your grill through AEI. In an apartment or resort setting wear and tear can be accelerated, so we’ve made sure we can replace any grill part that is broken or damaged. If you’re unsure what’s covered in our warranty, please contact us or refer to your owner’s manual.

PGS and other industry leaders are constantly improving upon their grill designs. PGS is always looking to make the outdoor cooking process as enjoyable as possible. We accomplish that by pushing the boundaries of barbecuing.