Do PGS S36T Gas Grills Check All The Commercial Use Boxes?

Property managers and other savvy business owners recognize that investing in a commercial BBQ grill borders on customer expectation. Every day people see these products poolside at resorts, in apartment complex common areas, and luxury condominiums often include an outdoor barbecue grill on the patio.

So, the question for decision-makers is not necessarily whether to make the investment. It’s how to maximize customer benefits in a cost-effective and flexible fashion. That’s why an increased number of professionals are discovering that a commercial BBQ with expansive cooking space and accessories may be the best option. After some due diligence, residential community and service industry leaders are focused on products such as PGS T-Series gas grills. This AEI Corp product line excels in delivering cost-effective satisfaction, and the S36T model has emerged as a favorite.

What Do Stainless Steel PGS S36T Gas Grills Offer?

From a budgetary perspective, one of the most important aspects of an outdoor barbecue grill involves minimizing waste. It’s not unusual for users to accidentally leave an outdoor barbecue running after they’ve finished preparing foods. The result is wasted fuel. Along with the unnecessary waste of money, the next patron or resident ends up frustrated. They arrive with choice cuts of beef, chicken, and veggies only to have their outdoor grilling experience upended.

The good news for frugal decision-makers is that PGS S36T grills come standard with a 60-minute shutoff timer. Considered one of the most sought-after features on any commercial BBQ today, the automatic gas-flow shutoff timer ensures tanks won’t run dry because of expected human error. Along with this money-saving mechanism, these rank among the top reasons people invest in the PGS S36T.

  • Visual Aids: The T-Series gas grills enjoy laser-etched control panels to provide permanent user and safety instructions. The laser etching will not fade away like painted-on lettering.
  • Cooking Capacity: The S36T model provides upwards of 720 square inches of direct cooking surface and reaches 67,000 BTUs. The model also accommodates accessories such as a warming rack to expand indirect heating surfaces.
  • Easy Maintenance: The PGS T-Series has evolved to now include a 304 stainless steel FlipGrate system. Rather than remove and scrape grates with caked-on drippings, the system allows users to simply flip over the stainless steel element that effectively self-cleans.
  • Theft Protection: Property managers discover that a major headache is keeping track of the knobs on commercial BBQ grills. Whether they go missing from straight-up theft or young miscreants playing practical jokes is often lost on the fact they require replacement. The PGS T-Series grill comes standard with anti-theft knobs.
  • Grilling Precision: S36T gas grills earned a reputation for problem-solving. Those who suffer through inferior products often complain about flare-ups ruining their food preparation and uneven heat disbursement. This model includes a side-mounted heat indicator that allows grill aficionados to maintain precision heat when preparing sometimes delicate menu options. And PGS gas grills enjoy an industry-leading reputation for designs that resolve uneven heat and flare-ups.

Shopping around for a run-of-the-mill outdoor barbecue grill typically results in business professionals not fully servicing customer or resident needs. Low-quality gas grills often require repeated replacement at the business’s expense. By contrast, the thoughtful PGS designs that include battery-powered electronic ignition do not task users with lighting a match or sticking a lighter into the fuel.

The PGS S36T model also offers a comprehensive 1-year parts replacement warranty and features a parts replacement website. Although durable T-Series gas grills stand the test of time, accidents do happen, and it’s good to know the commercial BBQ won’t require replacement.

Should A Commercial BBQ Run On Liquid Propane or Natural Gas?

The decision of whether to select between natural gas grill or propane grill is a non-issue with regard to the PGS S36T model. As a top-tier commercial BBQ, we have 2 models of the S36T; one that runs on natural gas and one that runs on propane. Given that both fuel sources rank among the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable, this renders the decision purely a practical and business one. The following underscores the conventional wisdom behind leveraging LP or NG.

  • Natural Gas Grills: Commercial property owners who already have a natural gas line in place have the option of connecting it directly into a NG T-Series outdoor barbecue grill. These hookups should always be implemented by a certified professional to ensure safety and security. Among the top-line benefits of using an existing natural gas line is the fact managers will never have to swap out LP tanks. In terms of customer satisfaction, no one will arrive with food to prepare and be left without fuel.
  • LP Grills: The value of employing T-Series LP grills stem from the ability to reposition your grill when needed. This is great if you need to store your grill when it’s not in use, you can just wheel your cart-mounted propane grill in and out of storage. The LP tank is typically housed in the unit’s base and can be easily swapped out when necessary. It’s not uncommon for decision-makers to maintain a backup LP tank to ensure no one ever runs out of fuel.

The decision to power the commercial BBQ through natural gas lines or LP tanks does come attached with other factors. Natural gas and LP grills must be mounted and secured differently in many cases. Before deciding on a preferred fuel source, consider how mounting options affect your customer service plan.

What Are The PGS S36T Grill Mounting Options?

Flexibility remains a high-level concern for residential property and service industry business leaders. Poolside setups sometimes require management to reorganize the space when large groups are present. A portable propane grill could prove invaluable in this capacity. But by that same token, insurance liability concerns motivate companies to maintain gas grills that are fixed in place. The S36T has several mounting options that also play into the preferred fuel source. These include the following.

  • Built-In Mounting Options: T-Series gas grills deliver enough space and BTUs to work effectively as the centerpiece in a complete outdoor kitchen. This prompts business leaders to install the grill into an outdoor countertop. Customized setups offer enhanced appeal and may raise property values. Natural gas grills require fixed installations. However, PGS LP grills can also enjoy fixed mounting options that house tanks underneath.
  • Prefabricated Center Islands: Select PGS gas grills can be installed into an easy-to-assemble center island. The organization offers a prefabricated Gensun island that can usually be put together without hiring a contractor. This money-saving pathway allows the PGS gas grill to enjoy fixed-in-place benefits and natural or LP gas flexibility. These niche islands also come with expansive storage space.
  • Cart Mounting Options: It’s essential to keep in mind that natural gas is suitable for cart-mounted commercial BBQ grills, they will need to remain stationary. Natural gas lines require a permanent installation for safety reasons. However, LP grills are deftly suited for cart mounts that can be maneuvered to meet a business’s emerging needs.

It goes without saying that the wide-reaching benefits and flexible options presented by the T-Series commercial BBQ can be a great deal to digest. But in simple terms, the PGS S36T checks all the boxes business professionals need to move forward. It provides flexible mounting options, a money-saving gas-flow timer, expansive grill space, precision cooking, and ranks among the easiest to maintain. Throw in the fact this durable model comes with a warranty and online parts replacement access, and it doesn’t make sense to go in a different direction.