Consumers Agree PGS Makes High-Quality Patio Grills

Selecting the perfect outdoor barbecue for a residential or commercial setting requires due diligence on the consumer’s part. There are a wealth of gas BBQ grills on the market that boast excellence. Many of these patio grills cannot deliver on their promise or endure the test of time. In terms of decision-making, how do everyday people know whether a stainless steel BBQ grill line walks the walk, so to speak?

The answer to that question resides in the facts about quality construction, materials, and has already earned a reputation as an LP grill leader. The PGS line doesn’t need to throw around catchy advertising slogans about commercial or residential BBQ grills because the outfit’s long-standing reputation speaks for itself. But if you are interested in purchasing a movable or built-in barbecue grill, these are items that set the PGS line apart.

PGS Makes An Outdoor Barbecue Grill To Meet Everyone’s Needs

One of the critical reasons that PGS has remained an industry leader for decades is that the organization has not put all its eggs in one basket. Recognizing that grilling enthusiasts prepare meals in different settings and have vastly different ideas about space utilization, among others, PGS developed three lines — the A-Series, T-Series, and Legacy grills.

It would not be out of the ordinary for a grill manufacturer to make significantly different products in hopes of capturing sales from wide-ranging demographics. That’s not the strategy PGS employed. Instead, PGS invested in sustainable outdoor barbecue grill quality. Each line of stainless steel BBQ grill has common traits the consumers would expect from a top-tier line. These include the following.

  • Each line has small, medium, and large-sized grills
  • Each grill line has propane and natural gas options
  • Each line has an option to be built-in an outdoor countertop
  • Each line has an option to be mounted on a grill cart or pedestal

That consistent versatility is only augmented by the fact that LP grills mounted on carts or stands can also be fully or semi-portable. Each and every one of the patio grills can also be deftly outfitted with state-of-the-art accessories. These include the following:

  • Rotisserie Burners
  • Side Shelves
  • Grill Drawers for Storage
  • 60-Min Gas Shutoff Grill Timer

The PGS line grills are also consistently constructed with stainless steel components. The T-Series and Legacy grills are entirely crafted from stainless steel. That’s largely why PGS grill components are covered by a lifetime warranty, and replacement parts are readily available for anything that isn’t covered.

Consistency for improved grilling excellence is primarily why PGS integrated fundamental elements across all three lines. When residential or commercial grill consumers consider a product line, the fact that every PGS model has stainless steel grill parts provides confidence that you are choosing quality. Marketing gimmicks don’t last long in the patio grill industry, and PGS has already passed the test of time. That being said, there are plenty of non-grill experts that have selections to make between the A-Series, T-Series, and Legacy grills.

How To Select A Residential PGS BBQ Grill

In order to make an informed decision about which PGS line to choose from, it may prove helpful to consider a grill purchase from two perspectives. There are homeowners who are merely interested in upgrading your outdoor barbecue grill chops. Then there are others looking to gain a return on investment by enhancing the outdoor living space with a built-in barbecue grill.

The backyard chef who wants to enjoy those the enhanced flavor of choice cuts that you can only get from gas BBQ grills can opt for either of the cost-effective A- or T-Series and never miss a beat. The A-Series offers BTUs that range from 30,000 to 40,000 and can be easily accessorized as you expand your menu.

The A-Series residential BBQ grill, likewise, serves up ample and consistent heat disbursement to avoid flare-ups. The decision may come down to how much space you have available on a patio or deck. Models can range from 330 to more than 400 square inches of grilling space. Size matters in terms of whether you want to mount the model on a rollaway cart, or pedestal to maximize outdoor living space.

For contractors flipping a property or a homeowner interested in increased property values, the Legacy series is a top-quality built-in barbecue grill. These models can be seamlessly inserted into countertops to create outdoor kitchens. They also can be part of a larger plan that includes side burners, utensil drawers, and Legacy units that can be purchased with a BBQ island. For the person thinking “quality grilling and top return on investment,” Legacy grills make perfect dollars and sense.

How To Select A Commercial PGS Stainless Steel BBQ Grill

The due diligence that goes into choosing commercial patio grills can be very different from residential needs and desires. For instance, what a homeowner needs from a stainless steel BBQ grill can be vastly different from a property manager of a gated community, apartment complex, or condominium association.

In a commercial setting, you might need multiple grills in a single grilling area to meet your resident's needs. This maximizes grilling space. Accessories like drawers, side shelves, warming racks, and side burners all help make for a wonderful grilling experience. Needless to say, these are complex profit-driving needs, and there may be no better option than a commercial Legacy grill. Yes, PGS makes the Legacy and T-series as both a commercial and residential BBQ grill.

But other decision-makers may not necessarily be anticipating rigorous profit-driving use. In fact, large apartment complexes and communities often enjoy multiple common areas. Selecting one or more T-Series commercial grills allows you to invest in units that can enhance multiple locations cost-effectively.

Commercial T-Series PGS grills also can be pedestal mounted, inserted into a countertop, and all of the units can be fixed securely to avoid the risk of theft or injury. Similarly, the commercial PGS grills enjoy options such as a 60-min gas shutoff grill timer, infrared rotisserie burners, and can reach upwards of 960 square inches of primary cooking area.

Why PGS High-Quality Patio Grills Are The Best Option

The next-generation PGS line ranks as the best residential grill line for three fundamental reasons. First, quality materials and construction are consistently integrated into all three lines. Two, the diversity of the top-tier construction offers creative and energy-efficient accessories. Lastly, PGS has a grill to meet the expectations of every residential or commercial property owner.