Best Grills for 2023

Is a new grill in the works for your home, community, or business in 2023? If so, how will you decide which unit to choose? Well, if this is the year you’re determined to purchase a grill that will last, consider the wide range of high-quality liquid propane and natural gas PGS grills from AEI Corporation.

We have over 50 years of experience in producing safe, sturdy grills that are easy for the novice to operate but sufficiently feature-packed to meet the needs of the advanced chef. Our grills are not only used on thousands of residential patios but also provide first-class cookery at golf clubs, B&Bs, sailing clubs, restaurants, apartments, and condominiums all over the world.

With three lines of grills for everybody from the weekend backyard barbecuer to the demanding commercial chef, you’re sure to find a model that fits your specific grilling requirements. Your upcoming decision is easier than you might think. Choosing a new grill is a pleasure when you pick from the wide selection of PGS grills, each with its extensive list of the most sought-after grill features.

PGS Legacy Grills

The Legacy grills are perfect for the neighborhood chef yet capable of taking on larger assignments as well. Whether you cook a few burgers for your family or throw an elaborate bash for the entire neighborhood, there’s a Legacy grill that’s just the right size. All of them are stainless steel grills with a rotisserie option. The cooking system distributes heat evenly and prevents flair-ups. All Legacy grills are available both as liquid propane grills and natural gas grills.

  • The S27 Newport is the smallest Legacy grill, but there’s nothing small about its performance. With two burners cranking out 45,000 BTUs and a 540 square-inch grilling surface, it can turn out the same luscious steaks, chicken, and veggies as its larger relatives.
  • The S36 Pacifica has a third burner and puts out 67,000 BTUs. Its 720 sq. in. cooking area makes it easy to grill up some extra provisions to please a larger crowd.
  • The S48 Big Sur is the granddaddy of the Legacy series with four 304-grade stainless steel burners and a standard rotisserie kit (optional on the other Legacy grills). It can make a patio the neighborhood headquarters for succulent barbecued delights, and it’s able to fashion a feast for a crowd.

All Legacy models provide no-hassle electronic ignition and offer the PGS “no compromise” warranty with lifetime coverage on many components.

PGS A-Series Grills

The A-Series grills feature rugged permanent mold cast aluminum with stainless steel internal components. They’re easy to maintain and a breeze to cook with. They carry the same “no compromise” warranty as all PGS grills. Flexible temperature control makes it easy to grill or roast to the most delicious degree of doneness.

  • The A30 grill cranks out 30,000 BTUs along a 330 sq. in. cooking surface and offers a 121 sq. in. warming surface as well. But don’t let its size fool you. This unit can grill, roast, and saute as readily as the larger models.
  • The A40 grill produces 40,000 BTUs from a 430 stainless steel “H” burner. It includes two stainless steel foldable side shelves and turns any locale into an inviting grilling destination.

The A-Series grills feature PGS’s famous ceramic “Moon Rok” briquettes that evenly distribute heat along the entire cooking surface.

PGS T-Series Grills

The T-Series is the PGS line of commercial grills. They can be found in commercial establishments such as timeshares and resorts, but they’re also suitable for community use in apartments and condominiums. They’re designed to meet the needs of a demanding chef while also catering to a diverse crowd of community residents with varying degrees of grilling sophistication.

A key safety feature of the T-Series is the FuelStop 60-minute gas-flow shutoff timer. It turns the grill off after an hour of use, thus ensuring that a forgetful resident won’t waste gas or create a hazardous situation. They also include anti-theft knobs and laser-etched directions. 

  • The T-30 grill boasts a cast-aluminum housing with stainless steel cooking grids. Its two stainless steel burners generate 30,000 BTU over a 330 sq. in. surface.
  • The T-40 grill is a more powerful version with 40,000 BTUs and a 434 sq. in. surface. Both the T-30 and T-40 grills work great as pedestal-mounted grill/s and are sizeable enough to install several in one grilling area so multiple families can cook at once.
  • The S27T grill is a stainless steel grill loaded with features such as anti-theft knobs, a side-mounted heat indicator and permanent instructions on a laser-etched control panel. It pumps out 45,000 BTU over a 504 sq. in. cooking surface.
  • The S36T grill has the stainless steel durability and features of the S27T and it adds even more grilling power. 67,000 BTUs distribute heat over a 720 sq. in. cooking surface for grilling and roasting on a scale that can keep the steaks and chops coming for as long as it needs to.
  • The S48T grill is the giant of the T-Series with 960 sq. in. of cooking surface heated by a whopping 90,000 BTUs. It features 304 stainless steel cooking grids and a flippable stainless steel grate for easy cleaning.

All T-series grills offer a one-year parts replacement warranty. They are durable grills available in both liquid propane and natural gas with a variety of convenient mounting options.

Grill Mounting That Fits Your Requirements

Your PGS grill can be either portable(if it is a propane grill) or permanently mounted(natural gas or propane grills), depending on your cooking space, your fuel source, and your requirements. We offer several mounting options to set up your grill just the way you want it.

  • Pedestal mounts. These and inconspicuous and don’t take up much space, yet they’re practically impossible to knock over. They work well for smaller grills powered by natural gas.
  • Grill carts. If you use propane tanks and want to roll the grill around your cooking area or even stow it away, this is the choice for you. These carts on wheels also provide a bonus in terms of added storage space.
  • Prefabricated grill island, like the Gensun Modano Series BBQ Island. These turn your grill into a flexible and dynamic cooking station. Some are specifically built to accommodate PGS grills. Some are permanently installed while others are semi-mobile. Their enclosures provide cooling, heating and warming as well as storage.
  • Outdoor countertops. Some grill owners will choose to customize their grilling area with an outdoor countertop. Build the grill right in and set up a cooking station any way you like.

Easy Shopping with the PGS Grill Selection

If a new grill is on your shopping list for 2023, researching the products and making a choice can be a lot easier than you might have anticipated. The extensive PGS line of grills has options for everyone from the backyard barbecuer to the commercial chef to the property manager of an apartment building or other multi-family community. If you’re the one charged with making the year’s outdoor cookery choice, browse through these options and consider your problem solved.