Become the Local Grill Master with AEI Outdoor Grills

These days, a lot of people are looking for new and creative ways to get the most out of their outdoor spaces. Some of the most popular ideas include new decks, hardscaping, landscaping, pool installations, outdoor entertainment, and more. While modern technology makes these options much more accessible, there is one outdoor asset that is relatively inexpensive and can drive up the value of any outdoor space in just a single purchase: the good old outdoor barbecue. Now, you can relax and BBQ using the finest grills available in North America, and with 100% manufacturer-approved outdoor grill parts, you can be sure to keep your grill running for many years.

High-Quality Parts Make High-Quality Grills

With many high-quality grills from our two lines of residential grills, A-Series and Legacy, you are sure to enjoy the best available grilling experience. All of our grills are made from the highest quality materials and parts for performance, longevity, and pride of ownership. All of the grills in both the A-Series and Legacy lines feature stainless steel internal parts including the “H” burners, cooking grates, and side-shelves.

Parts & Materials

Only our Legacy grills are made entirely of stainless steel. That includes the lid, basin, and other external components. Only our A-Series grills feature durable cast aluminum lids and basins. Pedestal mounts and grill carts are stainless steel, while grill islands are prefabricated using high-quality components.

Our grill accessories are also built to last. You’ll appreciate laser-etched directions and labels that will never fade, self-contained continuous spark ignition, durable fuel hose, and delivery system, as well as the integrated rotisserie infrared heater and spit for flawless consistency and quality.

Become Your Own Backyard Grill Master With Residential BBQ

When the summertime comes and your family wants a special treat for dinner, there’s no need to waste money on an expensive restaurant. Our residential grills fit any home patio setting simply and seamlessly.

Both the A-Series and Legacy lines of backyard grills come in a variety of sizes to suit your family. Both lines offer grill models that run on propane with identical models that run on natural gas with some slight differences in mounting options for each fuel type.

Propane grills can be made to be portable using a wheel kit. This allows you to rearrange your backyard setup anytime as needed, or to easily store your grill when it’s not in use. With the option to use either a propane grill or natural gas grill, you’ll have the ability to get the most out of the grilling season with portability, versatility, and quality construction.

One accessory that separates our grills from our competitors is our 60-min fuel shut-off dial. This feature prevents anyone from accidentally letting your fuel run unattended as it shuts off the fuel supply after a maximum of 60 minutes have passed. This unique feature not only makes our grills the safest on the market but also ensures that you’ll never waste fuel by leaving it on.

Why Choose Gas Grills

We say that our propane and natural gas grills are the finest on the North American Market, and we mean it. That’s because they:

  • Are quick starting
  • Offer superior temperature control
  • Are less expensive in the long run than the alternatives

Quick Starting

Possibly the greatest advantage of our outdoor gas grills is the fact that they can be started almost as easily as your indoor oven. Gas grills can be fired up in minutes with a simple turn of the valve and click of the built-in igniter. After just ten minutes, your grill will be warm and ready to start grilling. That’s roughly the same amount of time needed for an indoor oven to preheat and more than five times faster than the time it takes to warm up a charcoal grill. The ease with which our A-Series and Legacy gas grills can be started up is one of the biggest reasons so many people prefer gas grills over charcoal.

The Fuel-Saving & Safety of the AEI 60-Min Timer Shutoff

Even with the many advantages other gas grills offer, most still come with the risk of wasting fuel as well as the dangers of a running and unattended grill. As you BBQ, it can be easy to accidentally leave the grill on, especially when you’re distracted. AEI Grills’ FuelStop 60-minute timer guarantees that you will not waste valuable fuel or expose your home, yourself, or your loved ones to the dangers of leaking gas. Select AEI grills will shut off after 60 minutes if left unattended. Our engineers and designers have taken special care to create a mechanism that is 100% safe and reliable- making our grills the safest and most efficient on the market.

Better Temperature Control

With propane and natural grills, changing and maintaining the temperature can be done with the simple turn of a dial. It is much more challenging to control the temperature in a charcoal grill, which takes much longer and requires much more skill. Worst of all, your food can get burned or turn cold before you can get the temperature of a charcoal grill right. Even the most experienced grill master will appreciate the accuracy and convenience of a gas-powered grill.

More Affordable & Greater Value

Due to their growing popularity, the affordability of propane and natural gas, and advanced manufacturing techniques and technology, gas grills are the most affordable way to do backyard grilling. The average-sized propane tank can run for up to 20 hours before it needs to be replaced or refilled. You can rest assured that you will not have to break the bank to run your A-Series or Legacy grill.

Choose a Portable Propane or Convenient Natural Gas Powered Grill

Both fuel types are powerful, consistent, clean-burning, affordable, and easy to control. Choose a propane-powered grill for portability and versatility, or choose a natural gas-powered grill for convenience and easy use at any time.

Propane-powered grills can be fitted with a wheel unit that makes it easy to move, rearrange, or store when not in use. Natural gas-powered grills have limited mobility and they can be made to mount in a permanent position for the ultimate patio grilling workstation.

The options are many with AEI grills, and the quality of construction, availability of replacement parts, and grilling performance are second to none. Get in touch today to learn more and about our A-Series and Legacy lines of world-class backyard grills today.