Are PGS T-Series Cast-Aluminum Commercial Grills Right for Your Multi-Family Community?

Multi-family property owners and managers generally understand they are immersed in a competitive sector that tasks them with providing quality services and key amenities to residents. Renters, condominium occupants, and senior living community members have grown to expect value-added items such as fitness centers, pools, and outdoor gathering areas that include seating and meal preparation stations. A natural gas or propane patio grill remains the single most important aspect of these common areas.

But the cost of a natural gas or liquid propane grill tends to weigh on decision-makers. Even a cursory glance at how frequently homeowners replace their propane grill makes the investment into one or more commercial grills seem like a money pit. Nothing could be further from the truth. After carefully considering the social, financial, and return on investment of high-quality commercial grills, the right product is a money-maker.

Why Multi-Family Properties Benefit from Commercial Grills

Property owners and managers need to meet the ongoing needs of renters and residents. While some of their wish list items may be just that, “wishes,” others are requests for everyday amenities they could enjoy elsewhere. Installing a propane or natural gas grill in common areas provides what some consider a fundamental perk to paying rental and association fees. That’s largely because smartly placed apartment BBQs deliver the following benefits.

  • Encourage social interactions with neighbors.
  • Creates a place to host birthday parties, graduations, and other family-oriented get-togethers.
  • Allows residents to celebrate holidays as a group.
  • Expands food opportunities with deliciously grilled menu opportunities.

The quality of life benefits experienced by commercial patio grill users help build a positive community culture. It’s not uncommon for word to spread that your multi-family venture is a desirable place to live. What follows is a waitlist of good-paying tenants.

Are Apartment BBQs a Cost-Effective Investment?

When doing the math on investing in a liquid propane or natural gas grill, it’s important to distinguish between common resident models, low-grade commercial grills, and top-of-the-line brands. The average homeowner replaces a patio grill purchased at a retail outlet every couple of years. Even products marketed as “commercial grills” may only last as few as five years, in some cases.

The best commercial grills are Made in USA and come with comprehensive parts replacement options and warranties. Although their stainless steel and cast aluminum construction may cost a tad more than the cheaply made products landing in American seaports in shipping containers, they are wildly more cost-effective. As an example, consider what the PGS T-Series outdoor patio grills bring to the table.

PGS T-Series Patio Grill Models for Apartments, Condos, and Senior Living Communities?

The PGS T-Series has models specifically designed to deliver big league benefits in a cost-effective fashion. These mid-sized commercial grills can utilize liquid propane tanks or be connected to an existing natural gas line. They also have flexible mounting and accessory options that make them ideal apartment BBQs. Consider how integrating a PGS T-30 or T-40 commercial barbecue grill would enhance common areas and residential life.

PGS T-30 Commercial Gas Grills

The T-30 grill is built with hard, cast aluminum that possesses the capacity to stand up to changing and inclement weather. Generating up to 30,000 BTU of evenly dispersed heat, these commercial grills can run on liquid propane or natural gas. With 330 square inches of direct grilling area, it is large enough to handle community gatherings without eating up valuable patio space.

The units are modest enough for property owners to install them with pedestal grill mounts or into a movable cart. That means property owners can employ pedestal grill mounts to integrate them into individual patios or strategic common areas.

PGS T-40 Commercial Gas Grill

The T-40 commercial grills are basically a step up from the T-30s in terms of size and heat generation. At 40,000 BTUs and a grilling area of 434 square inches, this line can also use pedestal grill mounts or cart options. Built with durable cast aluminum, the twin burners ensure even heat distribution and perfectly grilled foods.

Depending on which T-40 a property owner selects, it can be powered by environmentally sustainable natural gas or liquid propane. While portable carts are available, property owners and managers would be well-served to tap into trending grill island and outdoor countertop installations.

While either of these modestly priced commercial grills proves beneficial in multi-family landscapes, the potential accessories and warranty separates this Made in USA brand from so many others.

Notable PGS T-Series Value Added Perks

PGS commercial grills continue their popularity, partially because the brand offers attractive accessories and warranties. These money-saving conveniences often make a PGS grill the last one someone purchases. These are the accessories and guarantees that make the T-Series an exceedingly wise investment.

  • Side Shelves: Both the T-30 and T-40 can be adorned with convenient side shelves should decision-makers prefer to use pedestal grill mounts. Stainless steel side shelves provide preparation space and an area to place seasoning and utensils.
  • Matchless Ignition: Each unit can be lit by simply pressing an ignition button. This eliminates the common burns and injuries associated with the use of lighters and matches.
  • Laser-Etched Panel: The laser-etched user directions do not fade over time or as a result of harsh weather. They help avoid misuse and the minor injuries novice grillers get from their own faux pas. The clear directions also help insulate property owners and management firms from liability.
  • Shutoff Timers: These PGS commercial grills come with a standard 60-minute shutoff timer. This feature ensures that propane or natural gas won’t be wasted. It also helps protect against accidental burns should an unassuming resident or visitor decide to touch the hood and see if it's hot.

The T-Series also enjoys a full one-year parts replacement warranty and anti-theft knobs. It’s surprising how many property managers field requests to purchase new patio grill knobs because the old ones grew legs and walked away. That’s part of the cost-effective attraction an increased number of property managers have to these modestly priced PGS commercial grills. They deliver big time benefits, accessories, installation flexibility, and durable construction, with an eye toward saving money.

Do You Need T-Series Cast-Aluminum Commercial Grills

There are a wide variety of PGS commercial grills available for multi-family property owners to consider. The T-Series models highlighted here demonstrate that it does not necessarily take a major injection of cash to raise the community's living standards by providing highly sought after amenities. In fact, the upfront costs of purchasing and installing PGS commercial grills are typically covered by HOA fees or passed along in predictable rent increases.

If you have questions about patio barbecue mounting options, features, or want to know more about which of our grills will best suit a given area or use case, get in touch today. Our gas-powered BBQ experts are ready to answer all of your important questions.