A PGS T-Series Commercial Grill Helps Apartment Complexes Attract & Retain Community Members

With single-family home purchases skyrocketing due to low-interest rates, apartment complex property managers find themselves in an increasingly competitive situation. Renters are being drawn to a well-rounded quality of life that seems more affordable at the moment. That’s why apartment complex operators are making reasonable amenity investments such as a commercial grill installation.

Rather than lower rents and start down the slippery slope of diminishing returns, professionals are taking proactive measures to mirror the homeownership experience without all the yard work and taxes. An outdoor gas grill ranks among the top wish list items that people in residential communities desire.

Decision-makers are tasked with selecting a high-quality patio barbecue that best serves their tenants’ needs and enjoys the durability to pass the test of time. The PGS T-Series line offers three stainless steel outdoor barbecue options that lead the outdoor gas grill industry. If you are an apartment complex owner or manager concerned about attracting or retaining good tenants, these are reasons why the PGS T-Series may be a perfect solution.

What Apartment Complex Managers Need to Know About PGS T-Series

It’s essential to keep in mind that the PGS outdoor gas grill lines are darlings in both residential and commercial settings. Homeowners who favor cooking delicious meals on a portable propane grill typically select from the PGS A-Series or Legacy outdoor gas grill models. The T-Series is exclusively designed for extensive use in commercial settings and includes two small and includes three higher-end grill models — the S27, S36, and S48. These are things you should know when choosing a higher-tier PGS T-Series outdoor barbecue.

Similarities Between T-Series S27, S36, and S48 T-Series

There are wide-ranging reasons why the T-Series commercial grill line has emerged as a standout apartment complex choice. All three models are constructed from high-quality stainless steel parts, use select cooking grids, top-of-the-line burners, and secure lid and basin castings. Other important items all three models have in common include the following.

  • Built-in 60-minute automatic gas shut-off valve, for safety and fuel waste prevention
  • Battery-powered electronic ignition
  • Laser-etched control panel instructions that never fade from exposure to sunlight or weather
  • Side-mounted heat indicator that allows outdoor chefs to see the temperature whether the lid is open or closed
  • Anti-theft knobs that help secure the apartment complex investment
  • Quality replacement parts available
  • 1-year parts and replacement warranty
  • Certified through ETL/INTERTEK quality testing

All three T-Series models have both natural gas grills and liquid propane grills. Each model can be deftly accessorized to enhance the outdoor barbecue experience.

Differences Between PGS S27, S36, and S48 T-Series Grills

As someone who understands your community members and the physical landscape, you will need to decide where to place a natural gas grill or portable liquid propane model. As the saying goes, size matters and that is the critical difference between the T-Series models.

  • S27T: This model delivers 540 square inches of cooking area and reaches 45,000 BTUs
  • S36T: Increased cooking space reaches 720 square inches and the model achieves 67,000 BTUs
  • S48T: At 960 square inches of cooking surface, this model reaches up to 90,000 BTUs

Given the expansive cooking area and high BTUs each commercial grill delivers, it’s easy to understand why the PGS FuelStop® One Hour Gas Shut-Off Timer ranks among the most sought after accessories. The grill timer ensures units are not left on overnight, resulting in wasted fuel resources. The 60-minute grill timer also prevents any potential safety hazards. If a chef needs more cooking time the accessory can conveniently be reset for another hour with a simple turn of the knob.

Where To Place Your T-Series PGS Grill

Matching the single-family home experience — minus the chores — can be something of a challenge in residential living communities. Homeowners typically purchase a patio barbecue and place it right outside a sliding glass door. Apartment complexes generally cannot emulate this convenience because fire codes usually prohibit the use of an individual portable propane grill on spaces such as balconies.

To offset this factor, property managers are tasked with developing a grounds strategy that maximizes grill convenience. The T-Series units provide enough versatility to deliver. Consider these placement ideas against your facility’s and grounds.

  • Poolside Grills: A portable propane grill such as the S36T makes perfect sense for this leisure space. This unit can be mounted on a cart and moved into a convenient area for family-style outdoor grilling. The liquid propane tank is usually housed in the cart’s base in this scenario. It can be fixed to the ground if safety dictates that is prudent. The S36T can also be installed directly into a counter space as a permanent fixture.
  • Common Areas: While a portable propane grill provides flexibility, common gathering areas often require fixed units. Property managers can take advantage of the low fuel cost of a natural gas grill by installing a modestly-sized S27T model at strategic locations. By spreading these products out at convenient spots, residents gain the homeownership experience they may desire. By placing a natural gas grill where residents feel they can step out and grill anytime, decision-makers succeed in providing the experience-minus-chores that makes apartment life most enjoyable.
  • Outdoor Kitchens: In terms of creating a luxurious outdoor barbecue experience, designing a full open-air kitchen distinguishes apartment life. With its massive cooking area and amazing 90,000 BTUs, the S48T has been a model of choice. Typically set into an outdoor countertop, this commercial grill becomes the centerpiece of any gathering area. Apartment complex owners and managers tend to set this model in an area used for parties, graduations, and family gatherings. It has the cooking area to satisfy valued guests and ranks among the top amenity improvements.

Although these grill location strategies are widely practiced, it’s essential to consider your facility’s space, residents, and specialized needs. Along with the 60-minute grill timer, integrating warming racks, side burners, side shelves, beverage centers, and an infrared rotisserie burner, are options PGS grill owners find invaluable.

If apartment complex owners and property managers are to maintain the clientele they desire and profitable rates, attracting and retaining preferred residents remains crucial. Delivering quality of life enhancements such as a convenient T-Series outdoor gas grill makes a world of difference.